Maddalena Riboli

Maddalena Riboli arrived at Ellis Island from Italy in 1931; she was just 7 years old. On her family’s farm in Los Angeles, her hard work became her hallmark, and it didn’t take long for people to notice—including a young Stefano Riboli in 1946.

If being a female farmer was rare, being a female winery owner was unheard of. But this young woman was not averse to breaking ground—even while raising her three children. She was the driving force for the Riboli Family Wine company. In 1947, her tasting room was one of the first in California—before she set up 11 more across the state! In addition, Riboli believed that wine goes with food, so in 1974, she created a restaurant within the winery which is still open to this day.

In 1986, she continued to make her mark by purchasing land and planting vineyards in Napa Valley and Monterey, Calif. She simultaneously created her own namesake brand, Maddalena.

This was a woman who didn’t just find a new path, she plowed it herself. Today we raise a glass to Maddalena, matriarch of the Riboli family. An enduring symbol of hard work and resilience. A role model to countless future generations.

Maddalena: An innovator. A pioneer. A trailblazer.

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