What Am I Tasting?

What am I Tasting Archive

Can you solve the mystery of this expressive, bold red, with its blueberry and bacon fat notes?

October 18, 2019

This powerful red has notes of raspberry tart and dark chocolate. Think you know what it is?

October 4, 2019

Here's a white wine that has laser-like acidity and citrus and pear notes. Guess what it might be!

September 20, 2019

We have a solidly built red with plum and fig flavors, and details of vanilla. What could it be?

September 6, 2019

This fresh red's cherry, herbal and mineral notes will show you the way …

August 23, 2019

This brooding, briary mystery red has notes of cherry, sage and pepper. Take a guess!

August 9, 2019

A rich, complex white with creamed pear, apricot and almond notes … What is it?!

July 26, 2019

A lively white with floral, apricot and peach notes … Play the game!

July 12, 2019

Can you solve the mystery of this juicy white, which has herbal, citrus and tropical fruit flavors?

June 28, 2019

This expressive white has floral, herbal and salty mineral notes. Think you know what it is?

June 14, 2019

We have a red-fruited, structured yet elegant wine on our hands. Guess what it might be!

May 31, 2019

A red that shows dried red fruit and plenty of cedar and vanilla … What could it be?

May 17, 2019

This fresh, light red's tangy acidity and raspberry tea note will show you the way …

May 3, 2019

This plush red shows cherry tart, spice and dark chocolate notes. Take a guess!

April 19, 2019

Can you guess what this textured white is from its melon, mineral and blood orange notes?

April 5, 2019

A juicy red, with plum, red currant and mint notes … Play the game!

March 22, 2019

It's red. It's ripe. It has plum, chocolate and spice notes. What is it?

March 8, 2019

This zippy white displays lemon zest and oyster shell notes. Think you know what it is?

February 22, 2019

We have an elegant red with raspberry, cherry and rose petal notes. What could it be?

February 8, 2019

Lemon, apple and mineral notes define this intense mystery white.

January 25, 2019