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Health Q&A: How Many Ounces is a Glass of Wine?

Jacob Gaffney
Posted: May 31, 2007

Q: Most studies say that one or two glasses of wine contribute to healthy living. What does the American Medical Association consider to be a glass of wine (ounces and at what alcohol level)?—Robert Fry, Los Olivos, Calif.

A: Robert J. Mills, of the American Medical Association, reports that in the United States, the medical community generally accepts these guidelines outlined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention: "A standard drink is any drink that contains about half an ounce (13.7 grams or 1.2 tablespoons) of pure alcohol. Generally, this amount of pure alcohol is found in 5 ounces of wine." To put this in perspective, since a bottle of wine is 750ml, or 25 ounces, there are around 5 glasses of wine in a bottle. International medical studies may have different standards of what constitutes a glass of wine, so it's always a good idea to check the fine print when reading health-related news.

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