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Vintage Score Drink Rec Description
201696HoldA generally declared vintage, with the wines showing exuberant fruit, racy acidity and tightly focused structure
201593HoldMany successes, with the best showing ripe, fresh, driven profiles; some houses only released single-quinta bottlings
201489HoldCharming wines from a harvest dampened by rain; lighter-bodied and racier. Not widely declared
201199HoldPowerful and elegant, with concentrated fruit flavors and plenty of grip; a benchmark vintage
200798HoldStructured yet refined; balanced and harmonious, with precise and defined ripe fruit and polished tannins
200398HoldBalanced, fresh and aromatic, with lovely ripe fruit and rich, powerful tannins; some classics
200097HoldAromatic, rich and ripe; serious structure
199796Drink or holdTextbook Vintage Ports, with lovely aromas, firm tannic backbones and a complement of ripe fruit
199592HoldExtremely fruity, well-structured, with fine tannins, good length
199499HoldClassic vintage; superlative structure, fabulous harmony
199294Drink or holdConcentrated, tannic and fruity; best are classics
199193Drink or holdRacy, harmonious, rich
198788DrinkBalanced and elegant, with good finesse
198593DrinkOpulent and intense, but some variability
198392Drink or holdPowerful, tannic and ageworthy
198284DrinkSweet and raisiny; unbalanced
198090Drink or holdSolid and well-structured, with focused fruit
197884DrinkFruity, soft and ready
197797Drink or holdTough, tannic and complex; ageless
197580DrinkLight and one-dimensional, but fruity
197095Drink or holdHarmonious and well structured, with intense fruit
196788DrinkAngular and elegant; focused fruit
196693Drink or holdIron backbone; fresh, with good concentration
196398Drink or holdCopious fruit; forceful and extremely ageworthy
196087DrinkBalanced, sweet and elegant; at its peak
195594DrinkHarmonious, refined, fruity, solid
195086DrinkSubtle, sweet, soft
194899DrinkMassive, superripe, powerful
194793DrinkBalanced, integrated, attractive
194598DrinkSuperlative quality; concentrated
193595DrinkAromatic, refined, firmly structured
1927100DrinkSuperb concentration; balanced
191788DrinkRipe, rich, flavorful
191180DrinkAttractive, fruity, ripe
190894DrinkBalanced and flavorful
190490DrinkDelicate, balanced, fruity
190090DrinkClassy, balanced, delicate

Vintage ratings: 95-100, classic; 90-94, outstanding; 85-89, very good; 80-84, good; 75-79, mediocre; 50-74, not recommended

A score range indicates preliminary analysis based on barrel samples and/or a limited sampling; many wines of the vintage not yet reviewed.

Drinkability: "NYR" means the vintage has not yet been released; "drink" means most of the wines of the vintage are ready to drink; "hold" means most of the ageworthy wines have yet to fully mature; "past peak" means most of the wines are declining rather than improving.


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