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Vintage Score Drink Rec Description
201699HoldThis truly rare vintage is a new benchmark. The growing season was warm during the day but cool at night, with an unusually large diurnal swing that led to slow, even ripening across all varieties while maintaining acidity. Reds are laden with fruit, yet extremely racy and fresh in feel; whites are pure, brimming with energy
201597HoldIdeal spring conditions were followed by warm, dry weather through July and then heavy rains in August. Earlier-ripening Viognier and Syrah struggled a bit, while later-ripening Grenache and Mourvèdre excelled; reds are rich, ripe and full of powerful fruit. In the style of 2009 and 2007, with better definition
201488Drink or holdSeason similar to the north's, with a good start but then persistent rains followed by more humid weather through September. Earlier-ripening areas favored as disease pressures built steadily; sorting tables critical to cull berries, with yields markedly lower as a result. Trickiest vintage since 2008
201389Drink or holdCool but dry growing season, with Grenache yields drastically reduced once again and Grenache-reliant wines lacking some depth and ripeness; wines buttressed with Syrah and Mourvèdre are fresh, pure and floral-edged
201293Drink or holdSmall crop following severe coulure on Grenache, but the wines are fine-grained and lengthy, with deliciously ripe flavors; well-balanced and should cellar well
201191Drink or holdWarm spring, but cool, wet weather in July and August led to uneven ripening; Indian summer saved the vintage. Grenache is light, but Syrah and Mourvèdre strong, so blending key; there will be some excellent wines, but heterogenous from domaine to domaine
201098HoldCool, windy spring led to a drastically reduced crop; growing season marked by warm days and cool nights, with a late harvest stretching into October, resulting in beautifully ripe, racy, terroir-driven wines for aging. The spine of '05 with extra flesh
200994Drink or holdWarm, dry growing season, with heat wave arriving after veraison so ripening was fast but even; grapes retained acidity thanks to cool nights. Reds have pure fruit and polished tannins
200888DrinkCool, wet spring and humid growing season saved by mistral at the end; a small crop, with many producers eliminating cuvées. Quality very heterogenous, but some excellent wines were made
200795Drink or holdRipe, rich, powerful reds thanks to long Indian summer at harvesttime. Grenache is heady and rich; Mourvèdre and Cinsault are key for balance. Best are hedonistic delights; though some are over-the-top
200693Drink or holdRipe, pure and balanced reds, with fresh flavors and bright finishes.; in the mold of '04 and '99 but slightly more concentrated. Whites superb
200597Drink or holdThird straight year of drought, with well-timed rain and mistral. Wines show concentration, purity and structure. Great cellaring potential. Rivals '98 and '90
200493Drink or holdAnother dry year, but not as hot as 2003. Small crop of balanced and very pure wines; far more consistent than 2003
200393Drink or holdHot, dry year made powerful, ripe reds. Rugged tannins need time, but best are superb; some inconsistency
200276Past peakTart, dilute wines due to torrential rain at harvest. Many producers declassified their crop
200194Drink or holdGreat vintage of racy, structured reds in Châteauneuf-du-Pape that have continued to put on weight as they evolve. Best are just starting to open up now
200093DrinkPowerful and rich; plump and ripe reds with silky tannins. Big crop, so not the structure of classic years
199990DrinkSyrah- and Mourvèdre-based wines offer lovely balance and length; Grenache-based wines less successful
199897DrinkDense and rich; superb Grenache harvest led to blockbuster reds with ripe tannins
199781DrinkSoft, easy early-drinking wines
199680DrinkLight, fruity, pleasant, early-drinking reds; some excellent whites
199590DrinkMany tough, tannic reds, but Châteauneufs are improving beautifully; rich whites
199486DrinkLess consistent than Northern appellations; mature now
199380Past peakMostly lean and tannic reds
199278Past peakWashed out vintage due to September rains
199176Past peakLean, thin wines
199095DrinkMassive wines with great concentration
198996DrinkHot year of medium size; powerful, concentrated reds now hitting their prime
198890DrinkDry and temperate year, with some powerful, tannic wines
Notable older vintages: 1981, 1979, 1978, 1970, 1967, 1966, 1961

Vintage ratings: 95-100, classic; 90-94, outstanding; 85-89, very good; 80-84, good; 75-79, mediocre; 50-74, not recommended

A score range indicates preliminary analysis based on barrel samples and/or a limited sampling; many wines of the vintage not yet reviewed.

Drinkability: "NYR" means the vintage has not yet been released; "drink" means most of the wines of the vintage are ready to drink; "hold" means most of the ageworthy wines have yet to fully mature; "past peak" means most of the wines are declining rather than improving.


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