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Vintage Score Drink Rec Description
201791–94NYRSpring frost hit Barsac hard, Sauternes less so, reducing yields; dry and warm season led to healthy grapes, with late-season rains kicking off a very fast botrytis infection as grapes were ripe. Growers had to move fast, most picking just two or three tries; wines are juicy and forward, with tropical fruit profiles
201690Drink or holdSecond half of growing season was extremely dry, affecting botrytis. Grapes were ripe and healthy, but botrytis arrived late, in only one or two waves, rather than in multiple waves. Wines are fresh and friendly, but without the complexity of great years; Barsac has a bit more energy than Sauternes
201594HoldGrowing season was warm and dry early, cool and wet late. Rains were light, though, and separated by periods of dry weather, allowing for waves of botrytis growth and leisurely picking. Wines are fresh and pure in style
201496HoldAfter a dry, cool growing season, initial harvests brought in fresh, racy fruit. Botrytis was spurred after a long Indian summer, allowing for successive pickings of more tropical styled, botrytis-affected fruit. The combination should make for a special vintage
201393HoldBotrytis spread quickly during a rainy September and October, with just enough breaks to allow grapes to concentrate. Both Sauternes and Barsac excellent, with fresh, racy styled wines. A cross in style between the racy '11 and flattering '07, with a bit less zip and concentration
201286DrinkBotrytis formed but with constant rains and no warm, sunny patches during harvest, the grapes couldn't get concentration. Best Sauternes are friendly, but loosely knit and lack complexity; some top châteaus did not produce grand vins. Barsac fared much better, with some excellent wines
201197HoldBotrytis arrived early and spread quickly; a cool second half of season allowed grapes to retain acidity. Wines are racy, detailed, pure and driven
201093HoldBotrytis arrived late and quickly. Wines are ripe and juicy, with tropical fruit character. Barsac shows more freshness than Sauternes. Not as dense as '01 or '09
200996HoldTerrific companion vintage to the reds, with ripe, powerful botrytis character and rich texture with freshness and balance
200890DrinkMarked by tangy acidity; not broadly ripe, but some are showy enough
200792Drink or holdLots of botrytis led to a rich, tropical fruit and raisined-style vintage with rounded, hedonistic wines
200691Drink or holdNot as dense as top years, but fresh, vibrant wines with lively acidity
200593HoldOpulent and structured, with underlying finesse
200489DrinkHarmonious, aromatic and spicy; for early drinking
200395Drink or holdExotic, ripe and spicy; good botrytis
200287DrinkSmall crop; clean and spicy, with good fruit
200197Drink or holdMagnificently rich and structured, yet balanced
200087DrinkMost of the crop was rained on; only small quantities of good wine
199990DrinkCreamy, rich and spicy
199888DrinkElegant, refined and delicious
199792Drink or holdBalanced, racy and structured; classy
199689DrinkSpicy, rich and round; generous style
199587Drink Sweet and balanced; uneven quality
199272Past peakLight, straightforward, diluted and medium sweet
199177Past peakModerately sweet, attractive apertif wines
199097DrinkHarmonious, rich and racy
198998DrinkLoads of botryitis; opulent and structured
198893DrinkElegant and refined
198779Past peakClean and appealing, with little botrytis
198690DrinkCharming, lively and fresh; spicy and sweet
198579Past peakLittle botrytis character; clean and sweet
198468Past peakA wet, difficult harvest; a few good wines
198395Drink Intense, complex and rich
198277Past peakMostly fat, alcoholic and sweet
198183Past peakMedium richness; finely balanced wines
198082Past peakGood year; balanced, lightly botrytized wines
197693DrinkExotic, thick and powerful
197594DrinkHarmonious, lively, spicy and sweet
197191DrinkSupple, refined and long
196797DrinkClassic; long-lived, everything is there
195998DrinkConcentrated, lots of botrytis

Vintage ratings: 95-100, classic; 90-94, outstanding; 85-89, very good; 80-84, good; 75-79, mediocre; 50-74, not recommended

A score range indicates preliminary analysis based on barrel samples and/or a limited sampling; many wines of the vintage not yet reviewed.

Drinkability: "NYR" means the vintage has not yet been released; "drink" means most of the wines of the vintage are ready to drink; "hold" means most of the ageworthy wines have yet to fully mature; "past peak" means most of the wines are declining rather than improving.


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