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ABCs of Wine Tasting
Take this jump-start course and you'll know what to look for in a glass of wine and how to describe it.
3 classes + 2 step-by-step tastings
Understanding Wine
Build the foundation for a lifetime of wine appreciation; evaluate wine, tour the world's important growing regions, and pair wine with food. Also, learn how grapegrowing and winemaking decisions impact wine.
10 classes + 10 step-by-step tastings

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Wine and Food Pairing
If you've had a perfect pairing, you've experienced magic. In this course, you'll learn strategies to maximize your chances of making good or even great matches. You'll develop a thorough understanding of why many combinations work, and why some don't.
1 class + 1 big component tasting
Sensory Evaluation
Experts consistently recognize, identify and describe wines. How do they do it? How can you improve your tasting ability? With this intermediate-level course, you'll see--and smell and taste--wine in a whole new way.
3 classes + 5 tastings
California Cabernet
Know your California Cabs. Discover the differences made by price levels and growing regions. Learn from top winemakers and explore the important appellations.
3 classes + 3 tastings
Find your passion in the heart of Tuscany. Take this in-depth seminar to understand both the classic-style and the new-wave wines of top Tuscan producers in hot regions such as Chianti Classico, Montalcino and Bolgheri.
3 classes + 3 tastings
Master the complexities of Bordeaux. Know the important classifications, the collectible wines and the bargains. Taste the difference between wines from key areas and go behind the scenes at top châteaus.
3 classes + 3 tastings
Australia & New Zealand
From affordable to collectible, wines from down under offer diversity and value. Know the key growing regions and taste the distinct wine styles.
3 classes + 3 tastings