Understanding Professional Wine Sales and Service

Class 1: Intro to Tasting: White Wine

Preparation, the serving ceremony, what to look for in a glass of white wine -- and how to find it using your senses of sight, smell and touch.

Class 2: Tasting Reds

Identify the nuances that differentiate red wines.

Class 3: International Varieties

From Chardonnay to Syrah -- explore the world's most popular grapes and their wines.

Class 4: Major Regional Varieties

Venture off the beaten path to discover a host of grape varieties renowned in their respective regions.

Class 5: Old World Model: France

Tour the classic wine regions of France.

Class 6: Traveling the Old World

Explore Italy, Germany and Spain.

Class 7: New World Model: California

Ride California's wine wave and learn how the New World rediscovered wine.

Class 8: Discovering the New World

Follow the vineyards through Washington and Oregon down to Australia, New Zealand and South America.

Class 9: Winegrowing and Winemaking

From the vineyard to the winery, learn how each step influences the wine in your glass.

Class 10: Wine at Work

Recommend and pair wine with confidence.

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