Do You Choose a Restaurant by Its Wine List?

July 8, 2015

In 2015, Wine Spectator's Restaurant Awards Program has recognized more than 3,600 restaurants, from all over the world, for excellence in their wine programs. (Find them all in our online Restaurant Search or our Aug. 31, 2015, issue of the magazine.) These wine lists cater to all kinds of wine lovers, from the traditional to the cutting-edge and everywhere in between.

Among the winners are the 81 Grand Awards, the rarified wine cellars that are considered destinations for all wine lovers. But we also include more casual neighborhood restaurants with smaller lists that are thoughtfully chosen and well-presented by passionate staff who look at wine as a way of improving diners' overall gastronomic experience.

While usually the first question in picking a restaurant is "What do you want to eat?", today it's just as easy to decide by how well you want to drink.

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How important is the quality of the wine list when you are choosing a restaurant?