Is Rosé Passé?

November 8, 2017

Rosé's rise to fame in the past few years has been hard to miss: Everyone from serious wine lovers to trendy Millennials to A-list celebrities have gotten on board. Once synonymous in the U.S. with inexpensive, off-dry "white Zinfandel," rosé, bolstered by quality dry versions from home and abroad, has become the quintessential wine of summer. Now, many wine lovers drink it year-round, and have plenty of quality options for doing so. But, as Wine Spectator news editor Mitch Frank writes in his recent blog post, with extremely low prices and novelty spinoff trends such as frosé (frozen rosé) and rosé served in "40s", the pink-colored drink may be on its way out. Do you agree?

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Is rosé passé?