Organic vs. Conventional: Which Wine Would You Buy?

April 13, 2016

Within the wine industry, the movement to farm in more environmentally and socially responsible ways has continued to pick up steam over the past decade. Wine labels now more commonly sport organic, biodynamic and sustainable certification marks. Entire regions (Sonoma County) and even countries (New Zealand) have been encouraging all their grapegrowers and wineries to earn sustainability certifications. Even long-established classified-growths in Bordeaux are changing and adopting organic and biodynamic techniques in their vineyards.

Some believe these methods improve wine quality or enhance its health benefits; others simply feel that green practices are better for the health of the land and their workers. Some wineries choose to stay low-key about their farming; others hope it will provide a marketing advantage. As Earth Day approaches, we'll all certainly be hearing more about eco-friendly products, whether wine or vegetables or dishwashing liquid.

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How likely are you to choose a wine that is farmed organically, biodynamically or sustainably over one that is conventionally farmed?