Massican and Cuvée Collective Offer Customers a New Way to Connect


Massican is the passion project of the award winning winemaker, Dan Petroski. Focusing on Mediterranean-style white wines, Massican is the go to brand for refreshing, crisp, aromatic wines that you frequently and repeatedly reach for. Massican does not currently host a brick and mortar tasting room, but the Cuvée Collective NFT offers a fun solution…

Massican aims to infiltrate the metaverse; from wine and brewing, to publishing and bars. Massican has been built intentionally, with his focus set on both the types of wines that are made and the customers' experience at the foundation of the brand. Dan is more than excited about the first Massican NFT Collection, aiming to find the perfect pairing wine and NFTs stating: What we’re trying to do is to connect with communities and audiences and make great wine more approachable. With Cuvée Collective, we’re hoping to create an accessibility to me and my wines that makes people comfortable. Wine can be intimidating and I want my friends and strangers alike to connect with me, drink a glass of Massican, and create a real relationship beyond a purchase.

Through the Massian NFT, customers will have two bottles of wine delivered to their address, a coordinated tasting with Dan, and receive an invite to Massican in-person events throughout the country.

Cuvée Collective is working with Dapper on the technology behind the platform using the Flow blockchain. Flow is the leading blockchain platform for NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day. “Cuvée Collective was developed to provide exclusive opportunities for both the wine and NFT industry,” says CEO and Founder Andrew Allison. “Growing up in Napa Valley and developing a deep understanding of the wine industry, my plan for Cuvée Collective is to add a new dimension to the wine collecting experience. We look forward to our members experiencing all that Cuvée Collective and the unique wine world of Napa Valley has to offer.

125 Massican NFTs are being offered. They can be purchased on the Cuvée Collective website.