Elena Adell

An all-female winemaking team is at the helm of Campo Viejo, located in the heart of the Rioja region of Spain. As a group, each winemaker brings a different point of reference drawn from their diverse backgrounds and working styles and are unified by one goal: to evoke a true interpretation of the diverse flavors of their home country of Spain.

For more than 34 years, Chief Winemaker Elena Adell has been the cornerstone of the Campo Viejo winemaking team, an expressive and pioneering winemaker who continues to adapt and innovate with every creation. Irene Pérez’s analytical, structured, focused approach and unwavering commitment blended seamlessly with fresh and vivacious spirit of Elena Suarez, who recently joined the team to help drive the brand into new and exciting territories.

The winery is a one-of-a-kind production facility in Rioja that is grounded in the principles of sustainable development and is a balance between oenology, architecture and our environment. Campo Viejo is the first Spanish winery to certify its carbon footprint through AENOR, a true reflection of our commitment to make our land a place to enjoy for generations to come.

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