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In the Dec. 31, 2006 Issue

Top 100

Cover Story

The Top 100 - Our Annual Roundup of the Year's Most Exciting Wines
The Top 100: Wine of the Year
The Top 100: Profiles of Wines Nos. 2 to 100
The Top 100: Wines of the Year, 1988-2005
The Top 100: 10 Years of Top 10s
The Top 100: Wine Spectator's Top 100 At A Glance


Tasting Reports

Piedmont: Produttori Del Barbaresco - Piedmont's cooperative winery makes top-notch values
Champagne Glory Days - A wealth of styles offers distinctive flavors for the holiday season
Greece at the Crossroads - Crisp white wines offer distinctive flavors, while reds are less exciting
Oregon: New Wines, New Faces
Cooler is better for Oregon Pinot - Experienced hands excel with the more typical 2004s and 2005s
Piedmont's High Tide of Quality - An unprecedented range of excellent vintages and wines is now available
American Sparkling Wines Surge - Quality is on the rise, with California in the lead


One Perfect Dinner - Our globetrotting gourmet begins his fantasy meal at Napa's French Laundry


The California Wine Experience: Highlights from Maison Joseph Drouhin
The California Wine Experience: The Four Chefs Take on a New Task
The California Wine Experience: A Comparison of Napa Cabernets
The California Wine Experience: Around the World of Pinot Noir
The California Wine Experience: The Secrets of the Santa Cruz Mountains
The California Wine Experience: A Showcase of 10 Great Spanish Wines
The California Wine Experience: From Arnold to Zinfandel - The annual event returns to its starting point in San Francisco to explore the evolution of California wine
The California Wine Experience: Tasting the top 10 of 2005


Books: Wine Lover's Library
Books: Wine Spectator Contributors



Champagne House Takes Over Pichon Lalande - Rouzaud family buys controlling stake in second-growth château
Kendall-Jackson Founder Targets Younger Wine Drinkers
Copia Struggles for Survival
Wine & Health: Drinking Cabernet May Cut Risk of Alzheimer's, Study Finds
Sonoma Growers Battle Rot
Frank Gehry in Rioja


Tastes: IN THE KITCHEN with Sam Gugino: The Joy of Soy
Tastes: Pump It Up
Tastes: Heirloom Beans
Tastes: A Real Cut-Up
Tastes: Scotch Whisky Is Fun


Modern Traditionalism
My Wines of the Year
This Issue: Our Top 100


Records Were Meant to Be Broken - Autumn auctions offered both historic sales and bargains
Second Single-Cellar Sale Proves Twice As Nice
Top Chefs Help Cook Up $228,469 to Fight Hunger
Auction House Raises Cash for Kids At Chicago's Tru Restaurant

Wine Talk

Wine Talk: Maynard James Keenan

The Buying Guide

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