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In the Oct. 15, 2002 Issue

Direct Shipping, California Values


First Nation Fruit - In British Columbia, a Native tribe turns grapes into gold
America's Nut - The pecan, indigenous to the United States, is showing up on menus across the country
Triumph at Taillevent - Jean-Claude Vrinat has the longest winning streak in Paris
Second City Helpings - Three new Chicago restaurants showcase the city's talent for self-renewal
Feedback: Opinions and Trends in Wine - Who Says Sommeliers Have No Taste?
Memorable Merlots - The 1999 vintage shows how admirable this wine can be
Washington's Cabernet Appeal - As vintners hone their approach to terrior, the big reds show their stuff
California's Best Wines for $15 or Less - 125 bottles that can't be beat for their quality-to-price ratio
The Wine Wars: Tide Turns in Direct Shipping - Wine lovers across the nation are winning hard-fought battles to secure the right to buy the wines they want


California's Bittersweet 2002 Harvest - This year's huge crop could hurt growers, but be a boon for consumers
Grand Award Winner in Canada Puts Huge Wine Cellar Up for Sale
China Opens Its Doors to International Wines
Wine and Health - White Wine May Improve Lung Health, Study Finds
U.S. Wine Consumption Up 1 Percent, Italian Pinot Grigio Now Top Wine Import
UNESCO Declares Tokay a World Heritage Site
British Columbia to Privatize Wine and Liquor Sales


Let's Lighten-Up Over Direct Shipping
Blending the Rules
Why Size Matters


The Other T-Word
Presidentail Provenance - The White House lobbyist knows his way around congress and a wine cellar
Nashville Wine Auction Paced by Largest Single Bid
Grateful Dead Commemoratives Highlight Annual KCBX Auction

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