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I.G.P.: See Indication Géographique Protégée.

I.G.T.: See Indicazione Geografica Tipica.

Ice wine: A dessert wine made from frozen grapes.

Imperial: audio-icon A large-format bottle holding 6 liters; the equivalent of eight standard 750ml bottles. The Bordelaise equivalent of Burgundy’s Methuselah.

Indication Géographique Protégée: This is the European Union's new designation, meant to replace the old Vin de Pays for recognition across the member states. It was officially adopted in January 2016.

Indicazione Geografica Tipica (IGT): audio-icon Italian quality classification meaning "wine typical of a region." Indicazione Geografica Tipica is one level above the base category, Vino da Tavola. It can also be used by super Tuscans.

Indigenous Yeast: See Native Yeast.

Inoculation: The process in which a winemaker introduces yeast to the must to kick-start fermentation.

Intensity: Intensity relates to appearance and aroma. When evaluating appearance, intensity describes the concentration of color. The more concentrated and opaque a wine's color, the higher its intensity. Common descriptors for color intensity are pale, medium or dark. When evaluating aroma and flavor, the more pronounced or evident the characteristic, the more intense the wine.

Irrigation: Watering the vines. Banned in some regions, yet indispensable to establishing and maintaining vineyards in arid regions, especially where soils retain little moisture. Two methods include drip irrigation and the less precise flood irrigation.

Isinglass: audio-icon A protein-rich substance derived from the swim bladders of sturgeon and other fish and used in the fining process to improve clarity, color, mouthfeel and expression of fruit and to reduce astringency. Protein in the isinglass binds with excess tannins and other polyphenols and causes them to settle to the bottom, where they can be easily removed.