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Ask Dr. Vinny

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Dear Dr. Vinny,

What do you call a person who collects alcohol, like whiskey, brandy, rum or wine?

—Diwas, Nepal

Dear Diwas,

People who collect wine are simply called “wine collectors,” and the same would go for those who collect whiskey, brandy or rum. There are, however, some interesting names for collectors of some alcohol-adjacent accoutrements: A corkscrew collector is called a “helixophile,” someone who collects beer bottles is called a “laberophilist,” and a collector of coasters or beermats is known as a “tegestologist.”

A connoisseur of wine is called an “enophile” (an “enologist” is an expert in the science of wine), and you probably know the term “sommelier,” for a trained and knowledgeable wine steward. Someone trained in vineyard management is called a “viticulturist.” There are lots of cool things you can be when it comes to wine!

—Dr. Vinny

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