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Ask Dr. Vinny

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My favorite thing about being Dr. Vinny (for 12 years now!) is that while there are some common threads in the hundreds of questions I get a year, my readers never fail to surprise me. It’s one of the magical (and maddening) things about wine: The topic can be endless.

Here are my 10 favorite questions that I’ve answered in 2017. Some of these were fun to research—like the time I stood over my kitchen sink and poured shot glass after shot glass into the punt of the bottles of wine I had at home. Some are just plain fun to write, like tactfully breaking it to someone that they might be a wine snob, or explaining why things taste differently than they smell.

Thank you all for making this the best job a cartoon character of a wine advice columnist could ever hope for. And be sure to check out my most-viewed questions of 2017 as well!

1. I get upset when people who like sweet wines call themselves "wine lovers." Am I a wine snob?

2. Will the punt of an average wine bottle hold a 1-ounce shot?

3. Can I feed my leftover grape stems and skins to the deer?

4. Why do some wines "pop" when they're opened and others don't?

5. Can I get a hangover from taking wine at communion?

6. Did California wineries once make wines called "Cabernet Blanc"?

7. Why is there air inside wine bottles?

8. If I eat a food made with wine, will it show up on a Breathalyzer test?

9. Why do some wines taste different than they smell?

10. What's the proper etiquette for requesting that a dirty wineglass be replaced at a dinner party?

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