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Ask Dr. Vinny

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Dear Dr. Vinny,

Is it a good idea to dry and/or store high-end wineglasses by hanging them from the base?

—Jeff, via Twitter

Dear Jeff,

How best to store wineglasses often depends on how much space you have. If you only have some cupboard space to dedicate, I definitely suggest storing the glasses upright because the rim of the glass can be really delicate and susceptible to chips. Alternating glasses right-side up, and upside-down in a yin-and-yang style can maximize storage space, but, um, trust me when I say that you have to be careful about a heavy stem base banging against a neighboring delicate rim. Things can break.

One thing about my wineglasses stored in a wooden cupboard is that at times they can seem a little musty, so I always take a sniff of the empty wineglass and, if it smells like it needs it, I’ll prime a glass before pouring a full serving.

Storing wineglasses by hanging them upside-down in a rack is ideal if you have the space for it. You can get standalone racks, ones that hang underneath cabinets, stick out from the wall, or units that hang down from the ceiling. They work great, but keep a few things in mind: First, some wineglasses don’t fit into some wineglass racks—the foot of the wineglass can be too bulky to fit where it's supposed to go, particularly with a closed system. Next, make sure to not crowd the glasses; they shouldn’t be clanging each other every time you reach for a glass. Finally, if the rack is mounted in open air, your wineglasses might accumulate dust, and if it’s in the kitchen, that can be a stubborn, hard-to-clean mixture of dust and grease.

—Dr. Vinny

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