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Ask Dr. Vinny

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Dear Dr. Vinny,

I recently purchased a wine refrigerator and was initially very happy with it. Now that my wine has been in it for about two months, some of the labels have begun to wilt/wrinkle. I have my fridge set to 55° F. Any thoughts? Should I be worried about spoilage, or is this simply a cosmetic issue?

—John M., De Pere, Wisc.

Dear John,

I’d say cosmetic, and just a side effect of harmless, good old-fashioned condensation—it happens when there is moisture vapor in the air. For troubleshooting, it might be that the fan isn’t circulating the air effectively—make sure it’s got clearance to do its thing. You might also make sure the seals on the doors are working properly. It could just be that your fridge is working really hard, and that makes the mechanics heat up, moving you closer to condensation.

If the problem seems to get worse, there are products that can help remove moisture from small humid spaces—look for beads that folks put in their humidor. But keep in mind that you want some humidity in your wine cooler—too arid and the corks might start to dry out and crumble, as well as shrink and let some air into the wine bottles.

—Dr. Vinny

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