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Auction Price Database

Complete sale and pricing information on the most collectible wines sold at auction. The figures are updated quarterly to reflect new averages, highs and lows and other trends.


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Wine Vintage Bottle Size
1.  Château Certan de May Pomerol 2005 750 ml.
2.  Château Certan de May Pomerol 2005 Magnum
3.  Château Certan de May Pomerol 2005 Imperial
4.  Château Certan de May Pomerol 1989 750 ml.
5.  Château Certan de May Pomerol 1988 750 ml.
6.  Château Certan de May Pomerol 1982 750 ml.
7.  Château Certan de May Pomerol 1982 Magnum
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