Bentley the Cockapoo & Butters the Maltichon

These Pennsylvania best friends love sharing trips to vineyards with owner Jennifer Heasley—especially if cheese is on the menu

Bentley the Cockapoo & Butters the Maltichon
Feb 23, 2021

Owner: Jennifer Heasley

Location: Leeper, Pa.

Dog Names: Bentley and Butters

Age: 3 and 2

Breed: Bentley is a Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel–Poodle) and Butters is a Maltichon (Maltese Terrier–Bichon Frise)

In a Word: Energetic

Job Title: Boss

Star Quality: Ability to hear a treat bag open from 100 miles away

Best Bud: Anyone who has food

Favorite Possession: Tennis ball is prized possession. Will play all day any day.

Favorite Getaway: Grandad and Grammi’s (lots of treats)

Forgivable Flaw: They don’t appreciate the deer in the backyard. Get off my lawn!

Background Story: Bentley is a calm Cockapoo, and Butters is a wild and crazy Maltichon. While they couldn’t have more different personalities, they are best friends and enjoy snuggling, treats and traveling to the beach and vineyards in their spare time. Extra bonus if the vineyard serves cheese!


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