Wine Spectator Distinguished Service Awards

A handful of leaders stand out for their significant and long-lasting contributions
Oct 15, 2018

Wine Spectator presents its Distinguished Service Award to individuals who have made significant and long-lasting contributions to the wine industry. Many are winery owners, winemakers and grapegrowers. Others have extolled the value of good food and wine, delivered bottles into consumers’ hands, stumped for this drink’s health-giving properties or worked in laboratories to make scientific sense of an alchemical beverage.

All have displayed a passion for excellence, an appetite for innovation and a commitment to sharing the fruits of their success with those less fortunate. Through their lives and their achievements, these distinguished winners have helped ensure that wine remains a source of pleasure and inspiration and maintains its role as an integral part of modern life.

2018 Grace and Ken Evenstad
2017 Barbara Banke
2016 Mel Dick
2015 Bill Harlan
2014 Sir Peter Michael
2013 Robert Drouhin
2012 Nicolás Catena
2011 Christian Moueix
2010 Helen Turley
2009 William Deutsch
2008 Wolfgang Puck
2007 Chuck Wagner
2007 Jean-Michel Cazes
2006 Gavin Newsom
2005 Joan Dillon
2005 Emeril Lagasse
2004 Anthony "Tony" Terlato
2003 Francis Ford Coppola
2000 Paul Draper
1999 Piero Antinori
1998 Julia Child
1997 Angelo Gaja
1996 Agustin Huneeus
1995 Philippine de Rothschild
1995 Corinne Mentzelopoulos
1994 Louis "Bob" Trinchero
1993 Eric de Rothschild
1991 Michael Broadbent
1990 Louis P. Martini
1989 Peter M. F. Sichel
1988 John De Luca
1987 Abdallah Simon
1986 André Tchelistcheff
1985 Maynard A. Amerine
1984 Robert Mondavi
1983 Ernest and Julio Gallo
1982 Alfred Fromm

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