Which wine should I pair with deviled eggs?

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Dear Dr. Vinny,

Which wine should I pair with deviled eggs? Do you have any recommendations besides sparkling wine?

— M.M., Pittsburgh, Pa.

Dear M.M.,

Eggs are a tough match for wine. They’re savory, and their yolks can coat your mouth, dulling the flavor of some wines. Plus, the sulfur in eggs can make some wines seem bitter or metallic. Luckily, deviled eggs mellow out some of the, um, “egginess” of eggs, and they are a favorite at my house. And yes, most often I serve them with sparkling wine.

I checked in again with food-and-wine pairing expert and Wine Spectator editor at large emeritus Harvey Steiman for his take. “It seems to me that anything you might drink as an aperitif would be fine,” he explains. “Because tannins can clash with components in eggs (not to mention spicy elements in the deviled aspects), I'd go for lighter-style white wines, dry Sherries or rosé. In other words, chill.” Solid advice.

There are many variations of deviled eggs, so if your recipe includes bacon or smoked salmon, consider rosé. If there are a lot of fresh herbs like dill, or salty notes of olives, I’d suggest a Sauvignon Blanc. If your eggs will be flavored with curry, try a Riesling.

Of course, whenever anyone asks about pairing food and wine, I’m also obligated to remind readers that what’s most important is to eat what you like and drink what you like.

—Dr. Vinny

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