When will wine from Virginia get the recognition it deserves?

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Dear Dr. Vinny,

When will Virginia wines get the national and global recognition they deserve? When will Wine Spectator start reviewing more Virginian wines and issuing vintage charts?

—Adam, Rockville, Md.

Dear Adam,

To answer your question, I checked in with Wine Spectator executive editor Thomas Matthews. ”You ask two good questions, and their answers are interdependent,” he says. “Virginia already has a well-earned reputation for making very good wines, but most of its relatively small production is consumed locally. But ‘national and global recognition’ depends on making even better wines, and much more of them.”

Wine Spectator has been following the region for many years, and we've reviewed more than 600 wines from Virginia dating back to the 1983 vintage,” he adds. “But since most of these wines are not available to our national and global audience, we can't justify allocating our scarce resources to tasting more of them. And in consequence, we don't have enough wine reviews to create a reliable vintage chart. We regret that we can't give more attention to Virginia, and encourage wine lovers to explore the wines when they have the opportunity.”

—Dr. Vinny

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