What is it called when you coat the inside of a wineglass with wine?

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Dear Dr. Vinny,

I was recently introduced to a wine service technique by which a small of amount of wine is swirled around the wineglass to coat the surface and then discarded before the glass is then filled. It made an astounding difference in the way the wine showed! Does this technique have a name?

—Wendy, North Vancouver, British Columbia

Dear Wendy,

It sure does! That’s called “priming,” or “seasoning,” the glass, and I do it all the time to deal with the musty smell that my wineglasses sometimes pick up from my wood cabinets. You can watch a few of my Wine Spectator colleagues in action, swirling and priming a glass, in our cool "How to Serve Wine Like a Pro" video.

I have heard that the practice of priming originated in Italy, but it’s pretty common among wine geeks around the world. Sometimes sommeliers will even use this method in restaurants. And the process is just how you describe it: Coating the interior of the glass with wine and then discarding it not only rinses out any dust particles or other residues, but it also fills the glass with the aroma of the wine.

—Dr. Vinny

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