What does “Winemaker’s Lot” mean on a wine label?

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Dear Dr. Vinny,

What does “Winemaker’s Lot” mean on a wine label?

—John, Horinghold, England

Dear John,

“Winemaker’s Lot” is one of those terms that might sound important but actually is not legally defined and is typically about marketing more than anything else. Other similar phrases include “Barrel Select,” “Premium Selection” or “Vintner’s Reserve.”

They all suggest that the wine you have in your hand is somehow special, or selected out from the rest of the wine for being distinctive. In some cases, a “Barrel Select” wine might actually be a wine made from a unique barrel or set of barrels … but without these sorts of terms being regulated, they typically don’t have any significant meaning. That’s not to say the wine isn’t tasty or special—it very well may be. That’s a Dr. Vinny Special Collection Founder’s Reserve Special Lot Guarantee.

—Dr. Vinny

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