What does “méthode ancienne” mean on a bottle of wine?

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Dear Dr. Vinny,

What does “méthode ancienne” mean on a bottle of wine?

—Christopher, San Francisco, Calif.

Dear Christopher,

Méthode ancienne” is French for “ancient method,” and it refers to winemaking techniques and philosophies established centuries ago in France's Burgundy region. (It's also known as "the Burgundian method.")

“Ancient” or “Burgundian” methods are techniques that are prized by winemakers not only because Burgundy-style wines can be wonderful, but because the techniques suggest that the wines were made in small batches and with plenty of hands-on work. There’s no legal definition for "ancient" or "Burgundian method," but when a winemaker invokes those terms, they're trying to convey that the wines were barrel fermented with lees aging, punch-downs and malolactic conversion, and possibly bottled unfiltered.

These techniques can also carry higher winemaking costs, which can be expected to be passed along to the consumer as well.

—Dr. Vinny

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