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Hello there! I'm Dr. Vinifera, but you can call me Vinny. Ask me your toughest wine questions, from the fine points of etiquette to the science of winemaking. And don't worry, I'm no wine snob—you can also ask me those "dumb questions" you're too embarrased to ask your wine geek friends! I hope you find my answers educational, empowering and even amusing. And don't forget to check out my most asked questions and my full archives for all my Q&A classics.

Thank you dear readers for a wonderful 2017! My inbox is as full as ever with your curious questions, and I’ve learned so much by answering them.

Here are the 10 most-viewed questions that you asked me in 2017. What’s the difference between these questions and all the rest? Apparently asking, “What’s the difference?” which is at the crux of four of these. I get it—there are a lot of overlapping terms in wine. It’s been an honor to clarify the subtleties for you.

For more of my advice that keeps readers coming back, check out the 2016, 2015 and 2014 lists of most popular questions—they cover many of wine's fundamentals, plus some tips that'll make you sound like an expert. Also don't miss the fun facts and most-asked questions about Champagne and other sparkling wines—one of the topics that sparks the most queries year after year.

Thank you all for your submissions, and I can’t wait to see what we are going to figure out together in 2018!

1. What's the difference between Sancerre and Sauvignon Blanc?

2. How long will a red wine last if I use a vacuum pump to remove the air from the bottle?

3. What's the difference between Pinot Noir and Burgundy wine?

4. What's the difference between a claret and Bordeaux wine?

5. Would it be OK to put wine in plastic bottles?

6. What’s the difference between sulfates and sulfites?

7. I left a bottle of Champagne in the fridge for a year. Is it ruined?

8. A bottle of wine exploded in my wine rack. Was there something wrong with the wine?

9. Is there a do-it-yourself method for removing alcohol from wine at home?

10. Can you recommend a wine without arsenic?

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