Top New Wine Videos of 2017

Looking back on the year: comeback Merlot, rosé all the way, California fire recovery, perfect food pairings, travel to New York and Napa and much more
Top New Wine Videos of 2017
This year's videos took us to wine-and-food destinations all over the world, including Napa Valley's lively Oxbow Market. (Alanna Hale)
Dec 27, 2017

There's so much more to wine than what's in your glass. The stories told by each bottle, the people who make it and the ones we share it with all come together to make each sip that much more delicious. Over the years, Wine Spectator has shared around 1,200 videos full of history, education, humor and, of course, plenty of great wine. As we look back on 2017, we can't help but reminisce on some of our favorite moments these videos have brought us.

In the past 12 months, we explored wines from regions such as Argentina's Mendoza and France's Languedoc region, learned how a Pinot Grigio producer is responding to climate change, and got tips for pairing wine with dishes like elk sliders and rabbit rattlesnake sausage!

But which videos got the most love this past year? As with every year, our Wine Spectator winners for both the Top 100 and Video Contest wowed viewers with stories of wines from around the world and the people who put so much time into them. We also shared some quick tips and helpful hints from wine-industry experts that can boost the wine IQ of vino newbies and nerds alike. Plus, as usual, videos on food and travel were among our most-viewed. Join us as we indulge in our yearly walk down Wine Spectator's video memory lane.

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Top 10

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Wine of the Year 2017
How does a wine earn the elite status that comes with being Wine Spectator's Wine of the Year? In 2017, the Duckhorn Three Palms Vineyard Merlot 2014 took home this honor, and many wine lovers were eager to find out more about it. Considering the less-than-stellar reputation Merlot got stuck with in the early 2000s, why did our editors choose it as the most exciting wine of 2017? Here, senior editor Kim Marcus explains more about the wine and why it proves that Merlot can truly make extraordinary wines in California. For more information on the full Top 100, check out our Top 100 video page to hear from the winemakers and vintners who produced these wines, and explore the regions, grape varieties and wine styles featured in this year’s list.

Video Contest Winner

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Vineyards and High Heels
Following their father and grandfather, sisters Daniela and Monica Tibaldi have taken the reins of their family's wine business in Piedmont's Roero district. In this first-place-winning Wine Spectator Video Contest entry, they give us a look at their day-to-day lives running Cantina Tibaldi, along with a side of girl-power humor. Also bringing more pride to Italy is the second-place winner, "It Takes a Family—and a Village—to Make Wine," which takes place in San Rocco Seno d'Elvio, a small village outside Barbaresco. Take a look at all the winners, finalists and honorable mentions and get inspired to submit your own video next year.

Quick Tips

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Drink Pink
Once the quintessential wine of summer, rosé has become popular year-round. Though some say the pink drink is a fading fad, judging by the popularity of this video—plus the results of our recent poll—it appears that rosé is here to stay. Brush up on your rosé smarts to find out how it's made and what flavors you can expect to find in your glass.

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How to Open Wax-Sealed Wine Bottles
Even the most experienced wine drinkers can get tripped up every now and then. Wine bottles sealed with wax can be intimidating to some, but with these tips for opening them, courtesy of Burgundy winemaker Nicolas Potel, you'll look like a pro!

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Why Are Most Wine Bottles Green?
This year, Wine Spectator celebrated St. Patrick's Day with an ode to green … wine bottles, that is. Have you ever wondered why so many wine bottles share the same hue? (Hint: It's not because all winemakers have the same favorite color.) Get the scoop in one of our most popular quick-tip videos of 2017.

Food Pairing

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Perfect Match: Braised Short Ribs with a Bold, Fruity Red
Wine-and-food pairings are a perennial favorite, but this video, featuring a short rib dish by chef William Bradley of Grand Award-winning restaurant Addison in San Diego, proved particularly satisfying. Find out the unexpected ingredient that Bradley uses in his recipe, and guess which type of wine he chooses to pair with it.

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Pinot Pairing Strategies
When it comes to matching food with Pinot Noir, should you pair like with like, or should you select flavors that contrast with one another? Winemaker Anne Moller-Racke, of Sonoma's Donum Estate, gives her insight.

Insider Intel

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Leftover Wine: How Long Will it Keep?
California winemaker David Ramey explains what do to when you end up with some opened wine you'd like to save for later. Where should you store it? And how long will it keep? Get an expert's opinion.

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Brunello di Montalcino: When to Drink It and When to Decant It
Brunello di Montalcino is a big wine that can taste delicious on release, but usually improves with age. Emilia Nardi, owner of Tenute Silvio Nardi, explains how and when she prefers to drink hers. But if you don't have the patience to wait, will decanting help? Find out!

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How to Use Port Tongs
At Eleven Madison Park, a Wine Spectator Grand Award winner, sommeliers use Port tongs to add some pizzazz to their service game. But how do they open bottles with them? Get the lowdown on this old-school tool with wine director Cedric Nicaise.

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French Oak vs. American Oak Flavors
Find out how French and American oak barrels differ, and how a wine can benefit from being aged in them. Which characteristics can you attribute to each type of oak? Randy Ullom, winemaker for Kendall-Jackson, explains.

In the Vineyard

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After the Fire, Steps to Recovery
The October wildfires brought devastation to Northern California, and Wine Spectator reported on the damage in wine country. In this video, senior editor MaryAnn Worobiec visits Lagier Meredith vineyard in Napa Valley to get a first-hand look at the aftermath. See what vintners are doing now to recover.

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Training for Greatness: Visiting Moueix in Napa Valley
Earlier in the year, Wine Spectator senior editor James Molesworth stopped by famed Bordeaux vintner Christian Moueix's newest project in Napa Valley: Ulysses vineyard in the Oakville AVA. Winemaker Tod Mostero explained how the vines are trained to get better quality grapes.


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Touring Napa Valley
Napa Valley is a haven for wine-and-food lovers, which is why we featured the travel destination in our Sept. 30 issue. Here, locals share their favorite wineries and restaurants for enjoying the best that the region has to offer. Hungry for more? Check out our bonus tips for finding foodie nirvana in Napa.

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Insider Guide to NYC: Eating Brooklyn
Take a break from Manhattan for a day of laid-back noshing with Wine Spectator assistant editor and Brooklynite Emma Balter, who wrote about her favorite borough in our New York City double issue in October. See her favorite spots for beer, barbecue, ice cream and more. When you're done, head across the East River for video tours of Union Square, Greenwich Village and the Upper West Side. Happy traveling!

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