Should wine shipments be deferred during the hot summer months?

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Dear Dr. Vinny,

Should wine shipments be deferred during the hot summer months?

—Margaret, Hollywood, Fla.

Dear Margaret,

Good question. Please express any shipping concerns about the weather to the winery or retailer from which you’ve purchased the wine before they ship it, and ask if they have taken appropriate measures to ensure that wines are not subject to extreme temperatures during transit.

Some wineries won’t ship wines at all during the hottest months of summer. But if you live somewhere where heat is always a concern, make that clear to the winery.

Some wineries may offer extra protection with shipments—additional insulation or expedited shipping, for example. I usually request that wines be shipped at the beginning of the business week so that they don’t languish in a warehouse over a weekend. And be sure that someone will be available to receive the delivery at the wine's final destination.

—Dr. Vinny

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