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Entering the Restaurant Awards

Attention restaurateurs: If you've got a good wine list, you deserve the credibility and publicity that comes with a Wine Spectator Restaurant Award. The links below tell you everything you need to know about our Restaurant Awards program, including how to enter, how to renew and the criteria for each award level.

The application window is now closed.

Renewals: Restaurants that earned a Wine Spectator award in 2019

There are two steps to the Renewal Application process: completing the online portion and mailing in materials.

1. Online Portion
For this step, you will need:

  • A form of payment for the entry fee
  • Three images of the restaurant (optional)
  • Headshot of the restaurant's wine director or sommelier (optional)

2. Mailing in materials
After you complete the online portion of the application, you must print, sign and mail the completed information form to us with the following required application documents:

  • Cover letter (This can describe your storage conditions, inventory, pricing and any other information you feel is relevant to your wine program. This cover letter must be in English.)
  • Current wine list
  • Current dinner menu
  • Headshot photo release form (if applicable)
  • Check (if you choose to not pay online by credit card)

New Entries: Restaurants that do not earn a Wine Spectator award in 2019 or are applying for the first time

General Information

Where to Find Award Winners