Magnum Frank the German Shepherd

This rescue has the perfect staycation spots: Leslie and Richard Frank's sunny Rutherford home and Frank Family Vineyards in Calistoga

Magnum Frank the German Shepherd
Magnum Frank loves riding around Napa wine country with the top down. (Courtesy of Frank Family Vineyards)
Mar 4, 2021

Owner: Leslie and Richard Frank

Affiliated Winery: Frank Family Vineyards

Location: Calistoga, Calif.

Dog Name: Magnum Frank

Age: 4 1/2

Breed: German Shepherd

In a Word: Spoiled

Job Title: He's an official winery greeter (assisted by the GM's Labrador Retriever, Bristol) and a sneaky sandwich thief.

Star Quality: He leans on people for love and pets, and he's so tall that your lap makes the perfect headrest.

Best Bud: Magnum is a mama's boy but loves to spend his days with his buddies Bristol, Brix and Leia.

Favorite Reward: Tomahawk steak bones

Obsession: Howling at mail carriers and letting you know when he wants more of his favorite snacks

Favorite Getaway: A staycation on the grassy and sunny hillside of his Rutherford home

Forgivable Flaw: Leaving a puddle of drool on your lap each time he visits for head petting

Background Story: Magnum was surrendered by his original owner at 6 months old and brought into the Westside German Shepherd Rescue in Los Angeles. Fortunately for Magnum he only spent one night in the rescue because we showed up the next day, which was adoption day, and brought Magnum home. Even though Richard picked out Magnum, it's Leslie who he's most attached to.

 Magnum Frank the German Shepherd sniffing grapes
Magnum Frank checks the ripeness levels.

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