Policies for Use of Wine Spectator Ratings

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Policies for Use of Wine Spectator Ratings

Wine Spectator permits the limited use of our wine reviews by wine retailers, wineries, distributors, importers, restaurateurs and other members of the wine trade under certain circumstances. The policies governing the use of Wine Spectator reviews by these and other parties can be found in detail in our For the Trade section.

This permission is granted only under the condition that the citations are complete, accurate and give attribution to Wine Spectator. Rating scores and tasting notes must not be altered, nor associated with any wines other than the specific wine and vintage referred to in our review.

Wholesale copying, downloading or printing of Wine Spectator Wine Tasting Notes, other than for personal use or for the purposes of promoting sales transactions are expressly prohibited.

If we discover inaccurate or inappropriate use of our reviews, we reserve the right to withdraw approval, and, if such improper use is egregious, to pursue legal action to prevent it.

If you believe a business or individual is inaccurately citing Wine Spectator ratings or otherwise misusing them and violating our policies, please contact us on our Customer Service page so we can look into the matter.