Is a 93-point wine from a good vintage the same quality as a 93-point wine from a poor vintage?

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Dear Dr. Vinny,

Are all scores from year to year weighted the same? Is a score of 93 in a bad vintage year the same as a 93 in an exceptional year?

—Mike, Gladstone, Ore.

Dear Mike,

Our wine ratings are not weighted by vintage. When our tasters sit down to a blind tasting, they are informed of the grape variety and/or region of the wine as well as the vintage. Even though we believe wines should reflect the vintage they hail from, the scores do not change in good vintages or bad ones. In the scenario you describe, a 93-point wine is a 93-point wine, regardless of the overall quality of the vintage.

In exceptional vintages, you should expect more 90+ wines than in weaker vintages. We take this data into account when we are assessing our vintage ratings.

—Dr. Vinny

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