How long can Champagne be stored in a wine cooler?

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Dear Dr. Vinny,

How long can Champagne be stored in a wine cooler or fridge?

—Kirby, United States

Dear Kirby,

Champagne and other sparkling wines can age pretty well—the high acidity and carbon dioxide work in its favor that way. But aged Champagne isn't for everyone: The carbonation slowly fades as sparkling wine ages, and the wine takes on more nutty notes, losing fresh fruit flavors along the way; the color also deepens, turning from gold or pink to browner hues.

I recommend adopting the same mentality toward aging sparkling wine as you would with any other type of wine: The very best, vintage-dated bubblies stored in ideal conditions can have a long life in the cellar. For more entry-level wines, like non-vintage sparklers, you’re probably going to enjoy them most within a few years of release.

Your wines will always age best in the ideal strorage conditions (check out our guide to storing wine), and storing a bottle of wine (sparkling or still) in a temperature- and humidity-controlled wine cooler will definitely give it a better chance to age gracefully than keeping it in a closet or the refrigerator.

—Dr. Vinny

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