6 Sleek Wine Gifts for the Modern-Day Wine Lover

Tickle the techie in your wine life this holiday season with these clever tools, plus 3 fun stocking-stuffer snacks
6 Sleek Wine Gifts for the Modern-Day Wine Lover
The holiday season is ripe with anticipation for wine lovers. (iStock)
Dec 9, 2016

It’s hard not to have fun when holiday shopping for a fellow wine lover. The recent boom in wine-delivery apps is sure to come in handy during the holidays, but there’s no denying the satisfaction of opening up a wrapped gift in the presence of friends and family. This year, check off your list with gifts that excel in sleek design and tech-driven functionality, plus three playful snackable stocking stuffers. Pair with your favorite bottle, and raise a glass in cheers!

Coravin Model Two Elite

($350, Coravin.com)

We’ve tracked the progression of the Coravin, a wine preservation device that lets you pour wine from a bottle without removing the cork, since the first model debuted in 2013. Early adopters loved the Coravin for its ability to allow consumers to have just one glass of wine and avoid oxidation in the remaining bottle. After a couple tweaks to the device to improve efficiency and user safety, this Model Two Elite version has improved bells and whistles like an improved needle which pours the wine 20 percent faster, plus it’s available in gold, red or silver.

Georg Jensen Champagne Cooler

($294, GeorgJensen.com)

When you’re entertaining for the holidays, a staple wine tool is the Champagne cooler. Why not make it a centerpiece? This polished stainless steel model will present whatever bubbly you’re drinking—from a rare vintage of Roederer to great value Cava—as the ultimate chic beverage. Trusted luxury-good brand Georg Jensen is the producer, while the design comes from award-winning Danish designer Helle Damkjaer. To this we say, skål!

Oopsmark Bicycle Wine Rack

($34, Oopsmark.ca)

If you’re a wine lover on the go (and these days, who isn’t?), this Oopsmark bicycle wine rack is made for you. Crafted in handmade leather, it's rare find that combines efficiency and style. Not to mention ease and portability—on the website you’ll find videos of the rack in use, plus an installation how-to guide which is so simple that company owner Jess Herbert shows viewers how to install it while blindfolded. Brass fasteners connect the rack to your bike, while hidden clamps can adjust to different bottle sizes to hold it securely. Like any quality leather good (or wine), this product should only get better with age, developing that rugged worn-leather look while carrying your favorite bottle as you bike around town.

Le Creuset Champagne Crown Sealer

($40, LeCreuset.com)

It’s not often that a bottle of bubbly needs to be resealed, but when it does, you want to make sure you have the right tool to get it done. Longtime French kitchenware retailer Le Creuset produces this black-nickel plated tool for this very purpose. An airtight rubber seal and detail-conscientious design allow for the bottle in question to rest on its side without leakage.

Vacu Vin Snap Wine Thermometer

($10, VacuVin.com)

This snap-on wine thermometer wraps around a bottle, clicks into place and provides easy-to-read temperature measurements (available in Fahrenheit and Celsius) so that you never have to play Goldilocks again. There’s also a printed index listing suggested serving temperatures for a range of wine categories. Made by Vacu Vin, you can find this temp taker at retailers like Crate and Barrel.

Wine Molecule Necklace

($16, RosaVilaBoutique.com)

Good taste in wine doesn't always go hand in hand with good taste in fashion, but nerd chic is all the rage, and this pendant necklace will put any enophile in style. A depiction of the chemical structure of resveratrol, one of the compounds found in wine that might be responsible for some of its health benefits, these mod molecules are available in plated silver, gold or rose gold.

Snackable Stocking Stuffers

Pop, Fizz, Clink 3pc Bento Box

($28, Sugarfina.com)

Pop, fizz, clink. Those sounds are music to any Champagne-lover’s ears, and now that applies to wine lovers with a sweet tooth. Boutique candy store Sugarfina has crafted this bubbly-themed "Pop, Fizz, Clink" bento box inlaid with 24-karat gold. Inside are gummy bears infused with Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne, the same said gummy bears dusted in tart sugar crystals and crunchy chocolate “sparkle pops” for the chocolate diehard in your group. These are best shared, although they may go quickly!

Hubs Honey Kissed Virginia Peanuts

($38, EdwardsVaHam.com)

Satisfy that sweet-and-salty snack craving with Edwards Virginia Smokehouse’s Hubs Honey-Kissed Virginia Peanuts. This family-operated meats and specialty foods company excels in savory goods like smoked bacon and country ham, and these peanuts are no exception. These little goobers are brilliant on their own and delightful on ice cream, or paired with a hoppy beer, or a nice glass of fortified wine, or a neat Bourbon, or ….

Petrossian Chocolate Pearl Sampler

($50 per tin, Petrossian.com)

A tin full of glistening caviar is an undeniable treat for many, but a very pricey and not-yet-acquired taste for others. Enter Petrossian’s chocolate pearls. Presented in the same tins as the renowned caviar company’s traditional fare, these samplers have luscious flavors of vodka dark chocolate, Cognac dark chocolate and lemon milk chocolate. It’s a fun treat that’s sure to be enjoyed by all, and the tins are a fun memento to keep.

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