How well does California Petite Sirah age?

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Dear Dr. Vinny,

I like California Petite Sirahs, but there's no Wine Spectator vintage chart for that wine category. How do they age compared to Cabernets from the same area?

—David S., Georgia

Dear David,

I’m also a fan of Petite Sirah and its bold, distinct personality. The best examples are brimming with blackberry and licorice flavors, with plenty of aromatic details and dense tannins.

You’re correct that we don’t have vintage charts for every single category, but looking at our California Cabernet vintage chart is a really good idea for recommendations on Petite Sirah drinking windows. Like Cabernet, the best examples of Petite can age slowly, and by the 10-year mark make take on complex, mature notes, even while the fruit and tannins remain strong. I’ve had some really lovely older examples of Petite, and am glad to hear that you might be thinking of aging them.

—Dr. Vinny

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