What does it mean if a wine has a "bolt of iron"?

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Dear Dr. Vinny,

What does it mean if a wine has a "bolt of iron"?


Dear Jean-Baptiste,

Sometimes wines have a metallic note to them. It’s neither a positive nor negative attribute (unless you don’t care for that type of flavor).

How did the taster come to the conclusion it reminded them of iron and not another type of metal? We don’t typically go around sucking on pieces of iron. But if you’ve ever tasted blood, blood tastes like iron. Other irony things you may have come across include raw steak, the smell of a butcher shop, or water that comes from old iron pipes. Sometimes athletes can have a metallic, bloody taste in their mouth after a workout, and some vitamins and medicines leave a similar aftertaste. A related descriptor is “sanguine,” which is a nice way to say “bloody.” I’ve also seen wines described as “steely” and “tinny” (“tinny” usually carries a negative connotation). Metallic notes sometimes overlap with minerallity.

As far as the “bolt” in this descriptor, I don’t think the taster was referring to “a metal fastener made of iron.” Rather, they meant it as a metaphorical flash of lightning of this iron flavor. When tasting a wine, sometimes elements crescendo, or fade away, creep up or sing in harmony with other elements. Here I’m imagining that iron note was "striking. "

—Dr. Vinny

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