Can I keep a half-full bottle of wine and serve it a few weeks later?

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Dear Dr. Vinny,

I bought a bottle of Chardonnay for my mother-in-law, who drank a glass or two. Can I store the rest at room temperature and then chill it for the next time she visits? Will it still be good, or will it go bad?

—Nikkie, Halethorpe, Md.

Dear Nikkie,

Unfortunately, once you open a bottle of wine, it’s going to start to fade. Storing it in a refrigerator will slow down this process, but after a week or so, I imagine your Chardonnay-loving mother-in-law will notice that it doesn’t taste as good as it should.

But if you're just trying to extend the life of the wine for a few days longer, check out our helpful video on storing leftover wine!

Some folks swear by freezing leftover wine and thawing it out later: Leave some room for the wine to expand as it freezes, and then just defrost it to serve. You can also freeze leftover wine in ice-cube trays and keep it on hand for when you’re cooking and need to deglaze a pan.

—Dr. Vinny

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