Bottle Art

Week of June 26, 2000
Jul 5, 2000
Week of June 26, 2000

Bottle Art

Since we got a little bit serious with last week's poll we're going with a light one (or at least, what we think is a light one) this week. Do you use your empty wine bottles, corks or wine labels for anything (door stoppers, collections, mobiles, paperweights, coin jars etc.)? Answer the questions, and then if you've got something you'd like to share in detail, flesh it out at the bottom.

Is there a particular color of wine bottle that appeals to you?

  • clear 13.5%
  • green 43.1%
  • blue 7.9%
  • yellow 2.4%
  • brown 12.0%
  • black 11.6%
  • other 9.6%

Have you ever used corks for a practical purpose unrelated to wine and/or an artistic end?

  • Yes 45.9%
  • No 54.1%
  • If yes, what?... Sent several dozen corks to my senator to protest New Yorks shipping laws...FREE THE GRAPES!!! * dartboard surround * trivets * to hold fish hooks * using them to create a bar top.....covered by shatter resistant glass * my wife just completed a framed, wine cork bulletin board filled with three years' worth of corks * yes, made a cork face for my door going into the wine cellar * corking scotch * in the army, for camouflage purposes (light the cork and rub the soot on your face) * cook octopus, for the octopus salad, the cork captures all the fat * Huge (1000+) cork board... we grossly underestimated how large 3'x4' was * a cork curtain * Made a round life preserver for our pool. Never had to use it, so I don't really know if it would work * My dog likes to chew on them * I'm considering building a raft out of my corks in case a flood * We use a ballpoint pen to record the date, the occasion, the friends sharing the wine and any other pertinent information on the cork. So far we are on our fourth glass display jar-full. We have been collecting them for about 3 years. All my shaving bags, bathroom drawers, closet shelves and kitchen drawers contain several "yet to be displayed" corks. As for our favorite wine bottles, we proudly display them above our kitchen cabinetry lined up like soldiers. They are now several deep.

Do you collect wine labels?

  • Yes 30.0%
  • No 70.0%
    Do you have a favorite wine label?... Yes, love the EOS labels * St-Emilion's wine labels * Far Niente * Rothschild artist series * Leeuwin Riesling * Dry Creek (love those sailboats) * Cloudy Bay, The label is a masterpiece--scenic, evocative and impressionistic all at once * Livermore Valley Cellars * Viader * Parradux * OPUS 1 * Any of several "Bully Hill" labels * Eos Paso Robles Zinfandel...Beautiful artwork for a beautiful wine! * Alice White Chardonnay * Ravenswood * 1989 Gunlach Bundschu Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve * Zaca Mesa * 1988 Clos Pegase Hommage * Dover Canyon Big Dog * Bully Hill Space Shuttle Red * Staglin

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