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2015 Restaurant Award Winner

Delicate Palate Bistro Inc

Pacific City Inn
35280 Brooten Road
Pacific City, OR, 97135
United States

Tel: (503) 965-6464
Web site: http://www.delicatepalate.com

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Award of Excellence
5 reviews
Wine Strengths: California, Oregon
Pricing: Inexpensive
Selections: 265
Inventory: 1,000
Corkage Fee: $20
Wine Director: Geoffrey Williams Sr.
Sommelier: Geoffrey Williams Jr.
Entrées: $18 to $36
Meals:  Dinner
Chef: Jacob Cantrell

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Joe Dulworth
Rating: 5July 20, 2007 3:35pm ET
While we were in the Pacific City area the best dining option without a doubt was the Delicate Palate Bistro. This lovely little bistro located on the main street through the center of town in the Pacific City Inn. It is operated by a WS forum member who serves as the wine director for the restaurant and his lovely fiancée Jen who serves as the Executive Chef. Jen is an excellent chef who has spent the past several years honing her skills at various Napa area restaurants including working with the always demanding Philippe Jeanty. The menu selections are both interesting and varied and change on a regular basis for frequent diners. Prices are modest for such quality with most entrees coming in between $17.00 and $25.00 per diner. Sides are flavorful and plentiful comfort foods including my favorite the Herbed Pomme Frites (an excellent appetizer if I do say so myself) and the Very Adult Mac & Cheese. The wine list has laser like focus on good selections geared to pair with your dinner and all are attractively priced. Corkage is allowed although I can't tell you the charge since it was waived. Delicate Palate Bistro is highly recommended if in the Pacific City area. No other establishments even come close. Reservations are recommend on weekends and during high season but you can likely get a table mid-week with no trouble. Casual to business casual attire is recommended.
Michael Neeley
Rating: 5September 2, 2008 1:07am ET
I was prepared to write a glowing review here, but I see Joe Dulworths' comments have preceeded practically everything I was going to scribe. Let me just see what I may add to Joes' comments.This is not a diamond in the rough. This is a brilliantly polished diamond sitting alone in a singular setting. If you are traveling Hwy 101 along the Oregon Coast, Pacific City may not be on your itinerary, but the Delicate Palate MUST be. Besides the skillfully drawn, food-oriented winelist and excellent fare, I would point out that on my visit, the waitstaff was the equal of any big city fine dining establishment (and better than many) that I have been to. Wine, food, and service. A perfect trifecta!

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