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Direct Matches
Vitis Labrusca: Vitis Labrusca The species of grape native to the eastern U.S. that includes the Concord and Catawba varieties.

Related Matches

Foxy: A term used to describe the unique musky and grapey character of many native American labrusca grape varieties.
Vitis Vinifera: Vitis Vinifera Classic European winemaking species of grape. Examples include Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay and most of the famous varieties grown around the world.
Vitis Aestivalis: A hardy grape native to North America, hybrids of Vitis aestivalis are sometimes used for winemaking, the most prominent of which is the Norton grape.
Vitis Riparia: Vitis Riparia A hardy grape native to North America, Vitis Riparia is one of the phylloxera-resistant rootstocks used with Vitis Vinifera grape varieties.

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