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    Common Technical Problems

      Why can't I log in using my BlackBerry?
      • If you are having trouble logging in through your blackberry, please enable the javascript in your settings. For additional information and support, please refer to the BlackBerry support page

      Why am I no longer able to log onto the website from my mobile device when I could previously?
      • Members can access Wine Spectator Mobile at mobile.winespectator.com; it includes access to our Wine Ratings Seach, Vintage Charts and Personal Wine List. Although we do not have a wireless application protocol (WAP) version of our full website that readily supports mobile devices, some mobile settings can allow you to view our site. Unfortunately, software updates for your mobile device may change your viewing capability for WineSpectator.com, preventing you from logging in. Please contact our service department for assistance (800) 866-0775, ext. 353.

      Why am I having trouble viewing the videos?
      • If you are having trouble viewing videos, here are some factors to consider:

        (a) Internet connection - Streaming videos work best on faster connections. If you're on a slower connection, try viewing our downloadable mp4 videos

        (b) Browser and internet connection - Our videos work best on Internet Explorer and Firefox. There are known incompatibilities between Apple OSX 10.3.9 and 10.4.5 and Internet Explorer. You can download Mozilla Firefox at Mozilla.com

        (c) Virus Software - You may need to adjust your preference settings to allow our videos to play by adding the site as a trusted source.

        (d) Flash - It is best to use the latest version of Flash to view our videos. To download the latest version of Flash, you can get it at Adobe.

      What should I do when I receive the "Subscribe Now" error message?
      • Cookies - General

        You must have cookies enabled in order to access WineSpectator.com. In order for users to take advantage of the features on our site, WineSpectator.com requires that your web browser be able to both accept cookies from our server and handle secure pages.

        If you are having a problem registering, performing a search, or signing in, you may be having a "cookie problem," and the system is not recognizing you (and your computer) as a current member or a valid registration due to one of the following reasons:

        (1)You have a corrupted cookie, your computer is not accepting cookies,
        (2) your computer cannot handle a secure connection or there is a firewall blocking you from properly accessing our site.

        NOTE: Some old browsers may not be able to accommodate cookies, and if you're behind a firewall, you may not be able to reach secure pages.

        Please review the following troubleshooting list and follow the directions to make sure that your browser is configured to properly view WineSpectator.com:

        (1) Try our Cookie Test page to find out if your browser is configured to accept cookies;
        (2) If any of the items in the cookie test (#1, above) came back as 'Failed', use the links below to enable cookies for your browser.
        (3) Try our Cookie Clearer page to clear any corrupted cookies on your computer that may be preventing you from accessing our website.
        (4) If you are on Internet Explorer, and Windows, try adding www.winespectator.com as a Trusted Site. (See instructions on how to do this.)

        If the problem persists, please use the links below to figure out how to modify cookie settings for your browser.

        Internet Explorer




      Why does the website or video crash each time I'm trying to access it via Safari?
      • There is a known issue in that some Safari browsers, on some OSX versions, crash because of an Apple incompatibility with the Flash Player. If you switch to Firefox for your browser, you'll eliminate the crashing problem.

      What should I do if the website is running slow?
      • The best option for you is to do a trace route from your computer to our servers. It is possible that your machine is encountering some slow routers on its way to our servers. To do this, please follow these instructions:

        (1) Get a DOS window by going to Start ~~> Run ~~> type cmd and hit enter.
        (2) Type tracert www.WineSpectator.com and hit enter.
        (3) Please send us the results at wsonline@mshanken.com.

        Slow websites can also be attributed to a browser-specific problem, which may be fixed with an upgrade. Also, please visit www.cigaraficionado.com and check to see if you are experiencing the same issues there.

    Manage Your Account

      How can I change my password? How can I change my e-mail address?
      • Click on the Customer Care/Manage My Account link located at the bottom of every page on WineSpectator.com, under the Help section. Once you've been directed to the next page, please locate your account using either your e-mail address and zip code, your account number or your mailing address. Once your account is located, please click on the Wine Spectator links and you will find the option to change your password (or update your e-mail address) in the left section of the page.

      I am a student enrolled in a WineSpectatorSchool.com course. Now that the School has been relaunched, how do I access the site?
      • Wine Spectator School is now a member benefit at WineSpectator.com.

        To access your course, you will need to log in to WineSpectator.com and then click on the Learn Wine tab in the navigation bar. Here's how to figure out your login:

        If you were enrolled in a course but were not a member of WineSpectator.com on July 4, 2010, use your email and your school password. Your course access has been converted into a WineSpectator.com membership through February 1, 2011.

        If you were already a member of WineSpectator.com before July 4, 2010, and enrolled in a course, use your email and member password (not your school password).

        If you joined WineSpectator.com after July 4, 2010, use your email and member password.

        Read more FAQs for Wine Spectator School students here.

      Why do I have to log in each time I come back to WineSpectator.com?
      • This means that you are not allowing persistent cookies. Persistent cookies are cookies that remain on the computer even after you close your browser. To allow cookies for WineSpectator.com, please check your Internet settings to allow cookies. Please click on the link for more information on cookies: Cookie Information Please click on the following link for our cookie test.

      Why can’t I access the website if I’m just a print subscriber? Why do I have to pay an additional charge to access online content?
      • Print and online subscriptions are separate products. However, if you are a current print subscriber, you can receive your first annual online subscription at a discounted rate. The cost to magazine subscribers is $25 instead of the regular price of $49.95. With an online subscription, you will gain access to more than 290,000 wine ratings, early access to selected ratings and major barrel-tasting reports, the Insider and Advance newsletters, our database of the latest auction prices for collectible wines, blogs from our senior editors, extensive travel and dining content and other services that are not available in the magazine.

      I am receiving duplicate subscriptions, how can I correct this?
      • If you are receiving duplicate subscriptions, please contact wsonline@mshanken.com with your full name, mailing address and account number and an e-mail address where you can be reached, and we can correct that for you.

      Why can't I view the Wine Spectator Advance and/or the Wine Spectator Insider newsletter? Why am I getting a blank screen while trying to open the newsletter(s)?
      • Wine Spectator Advance and Wine Spectator Insider are available to paid members of WineSpectator.com. If you are a member and are having difficulty viewing these newsletters, you may have a version of Adobe Acrobat Reader that is too old or may be corrupt. Our issues are viewed best with Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or higher. You will need to upgrade to a newer version. To get the latest edition of Acrobat, visit Adobe's download page.

      How can I add wines to the Personal Wine List?
      • You may add wines by using our Wine Ratings Search to look up the desired wines, or by browsing our Value Wines lists. From the results page, you can select the wines you want to save by checking the "Select" box in the right-hand column, then go the bottom of the page, select your desired PWL from the pulldown menu and click the button that reads "Add selected to your PWL." Alternately, from the search results page, you may click on a wine name to see more detailed information about that wine; from that page, you can selected your desired PWL from the pulldown menu and click on the "Add" button underneath it.

    Subscription Services

      How do I subscribe to Wine Spectator magazine?
      • If you only want to subscribe to the magazine, visit the Magazine Subscription link at the top of almost every page on our website. Fill in your information and click on "Submit" once the form has been completed. However, we offer great savings on joint subscriptions to the website and magazine.

        For more details, visit the Online Membership link at the top of our homepage. You can also access the Subscribe Now section in the Help area of our website. Select the subscription option you want and enter your information and click submit.

      How do I become a member of WineSpectator.com?
      • You can find the Online Membership link at the top of almost every page on our website. You can also access the Subscribe Now section in the Help area of our website. Select the subscription option you want and enter your information and click submit.

      How do I renew my membership to WineSpectator.com?
      • If your membership is not being automatically renewed, go to Customer Care and log in using your email address and zip code or your account number. A renew button will appear on the left navigation bar, after you click on your account details.

      How do I turn off auto-renewal?
      • All WineSpectator.com subscribers are by default enrolled in the auto-renewal program in which we automatically continue your service without interruption as long as the credit card number you provided is still current. You can turn off the auto-renewal feature from your account at any time by contacting wsocustserv@cdsfulfillment.com or calling (800) 601-9463.

      How do I give a gift of Wine Spectator magazine and/or WineSpectator.com?
      • Please visit the Wine Gift Center, which can also be found under Shop on our navigation bar. Links to "Give a Gift Subscription" and "Give a WineSpectator.com Gift Membership" can be found at the bottom of almost every page of our website.

      How do I give a Wine Spectator School course as a gift?
      • Wine Spectator School courses are popular gifts for Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, college graduation, Christmas and Hanukkah. When you give a membership to WineSpectator.com, you're giving full access to all the Wine Spectator School courses. You can see the full course catalog here. Or read the Wine Spectator School FAQs.

      How do I cancel my WineSpectator.com membership?
      • You can cancel at any time and receive a credit on the unused portion of your service. Please notify customer service at (800-601-9463) or email wsocustserv@cdsfulfillment.com. Your access to the site will then expire rather than renew at the end of the next billing cycle.

    General Information

      How do I advertise on Wine Spectator?
      • For information on print and online advertising, please visit the M. Shanken Communications Media Kit site. The Advertise With Us links can also be found at the bottom of every page on WineSpectator.com.

      How can I purchase back issues of your magazine?
      • To purchase back issues of Wine Spectator, please visit the Purchase Back Issues page in our website's Shop section. You can also find the "Order Back Issues" link on every table of contents page in the Magazine Archives.

      Does Wine Spectator offer educational classes?
      How can I contact customer service for technical assistance?
      • You can contact us by phone (800) 866-0775, ext. 353, or via e-mail: wsonline@mshanken.com. Our technical service department is available during normal business hours, Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST, excluding holidays and weekends. We do our best to address all inquiries within two business days.

      Is my credit card information stored within any cookies on the website?
      • We do not store any credit card information whatsoever within any cookies on our website. The only information that is stored on our cookie is information used to log in, such as name and username. Wine Spectator does not store financial information on cookies.

      What is the privacy policy for WineSpectator.com?
      • The information we collect is used to improve the content of our website, used to notify consumers about updates to our website and used by us to contact consumers for marketing purposes. We do not share the information with other organizations for any purpose. For more details, visit the Privacy Policy page in the Help section of our site.

      Do we sell and/or rent our subscriber mailing list?
      • We do not sell, rent or exchange our mailing lists.

      How is content selected for your newsletters?
      • Wine Spectator’s email newsletter content items are created or selected by our editorial staff and trusted writers; products and establishments cannot pay to be recommended. Our editors have tasted every wine selection and included a score and tasting note; they have also tested every featured recipe, evaluated every award-winning restaurant wine list and visited every hotel, winery and dining spot we review.

        Advertising is clearly labeled as such and appears in standardized placements on our website and emails. Most importantly, we never sell or share your information or our subscriber list.

        We hope your free Wine Spectator newsletter subscriptions help you to learn more and drink better!

      How do I find a Wine Retailer in my area?
      • Our Wine Shop Search allows you to search through our database of nearly 2,500 fine-wine retailers for one in your area. You can also find it by visiting the Shop section on the navigation bar.

    Wine Spectator Scores and Tasting Notes

      I would like to reproduce Wine Spectator reviews. What are your policies governing such use?

      Wine Spectator permits the use of our wine reviews under certain circumstances, detailed below.

      This permission is granted only under the condition that the citations are complete, accurate and give attribution to Wine Spectator. Rating scores and tasting notes must not be altered, nor associated with any wines other than the specific wine and vintage referred to in our review.

      Wholesale copying, downloading or printing of Wine Spectator Wine Tasting Notes, other than for personal use or for the purposes of promoting sales transactions are expressly prohibited.

      If we discover inaccurate or inappropriate use of our reviews, we reserve the right to withdraw approval, and, if such improper use is egregious, to pursue legal action to prevent it.

      If you are not sure whether your case is covered by these policies, please contact us for review and possible approval at permissions@mshanken.com.

      1. I am a wine retailer and am a member of Wine Spectator’s Retailer Club.
        • You are entitled to limited use of Wine Spectator wine reviews. Retailers receive a limited license with their Retailer Agreement Terms.

          Retailer Club members may cite reviews of any wine published by Wine Spectator, including barrel tastings and selections from the Wine Spectator Insider and Advance newsletters. However, wines reviewed in non-blind tastings may not be cited. You may cite the rating score on its own; if you publish the tasting note, it must be reproduced wholly and accurately, including the taster’s initials and the issue date of publication.

          Retailers with this license are not required to receive permission in advance for their use of our wine reviews, as enumerated in this agreement.

      2. I am in the wine trade (as a retailer, restaurateur, distributor, importer, marketer or producer) but am not a member of Wine Spectator’s Retailer Club.
        • You are entitled to a limited use of Wine Spectator wine reviews. You are permitted to cite Wine Spectator ratings of wines you offer for sale. You may cite the rating score on its own; if you publish the tasting note, it must be reproduced wholly and accurately, including the taster’s initials and the issue date of publication.

          All requests to publish reviews must be sent to permissions@mshanken.com for review and approval.

          If you would like to become a member of Wine Spectator’s Retail Club, you can find more information about the benefits here, or email the Retail Sales department.

      3. I am a journalist.
        • If you are writing about a specific wine, you may cite the Wine Spectator rating score and review for that wine, so long as the review has been previously published in our wine review database at WineSpectator.com. The citation must give attribution to Wine Spectator and include the tasting note, the taster’s initials and the issue date of publication.

          If you wish to cite multiple wine reviews, or cite reviews on a recurring basis, you must send your request to permissions@mshanken.com for review and approval.

      4. All other parties
        • All other parties must contact Wine Spectator and receive explicit permission for a specific use. Please send a detailed request to permissions@mshanken.com.

      How does Wine Spectator taste and evaluate wines?
      • Please visit the free About Our Tastings page to learn more about how Wine Spectator editors taste and score wines.

      I am a wine producer (importer, distributor, retailer) whose wine was sent to Wine Spectator for tasting. How can I find the review? Can I request it directly from Wine Spectator?
      • No wine review is released before it is made public to our readers. Wine Spectator staffers are not permitted to share wine reviews with anyone, including the producers of the wine, in order to prevent inappropriate advance knowledge of our reviews.

        Reviews are made public either in Wine Spectator magazine's Buying Guide, the weekly Insider online newsletter, another feature on our website or in our online Wine Ratings Search. These are not always simultaneous, however, so some reviews appear in one venue before the other.

        The most efficient way to find out whether a wine has been reviewed is to search our website's Wine Ratings database (scores and tasting notes are available to members only). However, reviews may only appear in a database search a few weeks after publication, so checking each issue of the magazine is recommended for complete and timely results.

        We do not publish reviews of all wines that are submitted to us for tasting; the volume of wines makes this impossible. We cannot respond to questions about if or when specific wines will be reviewed.

      Do distributors and retailers get advance notice of wine ratings before magazine and online subscribers?
      • Our Wine Spectator Advance newsletter provides online members and retailers a look at selected ratings from the upcoming issue of the magazine; we have timed the posting and e-mailing notification for the Advance so that our consumer customers should be receiving it at about the same time as retailers. Our online members also receive advance notice of ratings from other sources, including the Wine Spectator Insider weekly newsletter and the Tasting Highlights—selections of notable wines from our editors' latest tastings that are featured on our homepage between one and three times a week.

        Of course, many retailers and distributors are also members our website and may obtain access to these ratings in the same way our consumer customers do. To ensure you receive the timeliest information, please make sure you are signed up to receive e-mail alerts on when the latest issues of the Insider and Advance are posted and check the homepage of our website regularly for the latest updates.

      What does it mean when a wine is rated and it specifically says "Drink Now"?
      • A wine described as "Drink Now" is one that we believe will not improve with further aging. It may stay at its current quality for some time—six months to a year, or even longer—but we do not expect it to ever be better than it is now.

      Does the price information online reflect prices of wines on release or the current price?
      • The price information included in our Wine Ratings Search database and many of our articles shows the U.S. prices of wines at the time they were released for sale, not their current prices. However, we do track many wines that are commonly sold at auction, and for those collectibles, you can find the current auction price. That appears in the Auction Price Database or can be found through the Wine Ratings Search by clicking on the name of a wine from the search results page. This will give you a page with even more detailed information, including the Auction Price and, under the Auction Data tab below the tasting note, a summary of recent auction price history.

      Do the auction prices reported include the buyers' premium?
      • Auction prices reported by the magazine and the website always include the buyer's premium.

    Wine Spectator Editorial Content

      I would like to post an article from your website or magazine on my website or in my e-mail newsletter. Is this possible?
      • Wine Spectator does not permit any website or e-mail newsletter to post the complete text of any article that appears on our website or in our magazine.

        However, you may post the article's headline and either the subhead or a brief excerpt (of not more than 50 words), along with a source credit and a direct link to the article on WineSpectator.com—either in the headline, excerpt or immediately following the excerpt. The incorporation of advertising into or the placement of advertising links within the article citation are prohibited. Please be aware that some of the content on our site is available to subscribers only, and may not be accessible to your users.

      I would like to post your RSS Feeds on my website. How may they be used?
      I would like to reprint a Wine Spectator article for use as a promotional tool. What are your policies and procedures?
      • Wine Spectator does not permit you to produce reprints of our articles for commercial use. High-quality reprints may be obtained for a fee from Wine Spectator; contact reprints@mshanken.com for details.

      I would like to reproduce or obtain copies of a photograph or illustration that appeared in Wine Spectator or on WineSpectator.com. Is this possible?
      • Wine Spectator does not permit the reproduction or reuse of any photographs that are published in our magazine or on our website.

      Are all the magazine articles and/or ratings from the magazine available online?
      • All magazine articles are posted online, for WineSpectator.com members only, after the issue is mailed to print subscribers and can be found in the Magazine Archives area of the News & Features section of our website. However, the archived articles do not include photographs and illustrations.

        All ratings from the magazine Buying Guide are added to our online Wine Ratings Search database. Online members get sneak peeks at some ratings before the notes appear in the magazine, in our Tasting Highlights and in our weekly Insider newsletter. Those ratings do not immediately appear in our online database, but they are added to the wine ratings database on a rolling schedule.

    Wine Spectator School at WineSpectator.com

      Do you offer educational courses on wine tasting, wine regions or wine service?
      • Wine Spectator School is now a member benefit at WineSpectator.com. As a member, you can enroll in any or all of the online courses we offer, from the ABCs of Tasting to in-depth seminars on Food Pairing, California Cabernet, Bordeaux, Tuscany, Sensory Evaluation and more. Browse the course catalog here. We also offer courses for professional sales and service; companies can take advantage of group discounts and student tracking.

      I am already a Wine Spectator School student; how do I log in to the new version of the school?
      • To access your course, you will need to log in to WineSpectator.com and then click on the Learn Wine tab in the navigation bar. Here's how to figure out your login:

        If you were enrolled in a course but were not a member of WineSpectator.com on July 4, 2010, use your email and your school password. Your course access has been converted into a WineSpectator.com membership through February 1, 2011.

        If you were already a member of WineSpectator.com before July 4, 2010, and enrolled in a course, use your email and member password (not your school password).

        If you joined WineSpectator.com after July 4, 2010, use your email and member password.

        Read more FAQs for Wine Spectator School students here.

      What is the course schedule? When do the courses begin?
      • One of the benefits of taking a course online is flexible scheduling. That means your course is ready to begin whenever you are. And you can access your course at any time of day or night, wherever you are as long as your WineSpectator.com membership is current and you have internet access. For more information, read more FAQs for Wine Spectator School students here.

      How are the courses set up?
      • Each course is composed of one to 10 online classes. Most classes include an Introduction, Class Modules and tutored Tasting as well as a Review. Most classes, along with their Worksheets, can be completed in 60-90 minutes. Classes should be completed sequentially.

        A Quiz concludes each class and a Final Exam evaluates knowledge gained throughout each course. Students achieving a score of 80 percent or above on their Final Exam will receive a printable Wine Spectator School certificate suitable for framing.

        Courses can be completed without tasting and contain all the information required to know wine from an intellectual perspective. Nevertheless, appreciating wine is a sensual experience and completing the tastings will greatly increase your understanding of wine.

        There are many options regarding when and where to taste:

        • Most students share their tasting homework with friends. To hold your own wine tasting party, all you need to do is buy the wines, have glasses on hand, print out a copy of the tutored tasting and one copy of the tasting journal page for each participant.
        • Some students work through the tasting while they're online
        • A few take the tutored tasting and tasting journal pages to a local restaurant or bar where they can purchase the wines by the glass

        Part of learning about wine is learning how to purchase wine. At Wine Spectator School, students purchase their own wines. To see which wines are required for each course, read the Wine List in the Course Catalog. You can print out the list and take it to your local wine merchant. Because most wines are not widely available, the Wine List recommends styles of wine—in various price ranges to suit your budget—rather than specific brands. This means that your local merchant should be able to recommend a wine from their own stock that will satisfy the tasting goals.

        Read more FAQs for Wine Spectator School students here.

    Other Questions

      I would like a Wine Spectator editor to attend my event or visit my property. How can I send an invitation?
      • Wine Spectator editors are not permitted to accept gifts of transportation, lodging or meals. We pay for all expenses connected to any event or property we decide to cover.

        If you have information you think will interest our editors, please send it via mail to Wine Spectator's editorial department in our New York office at 387 Park Ave. South, 8th floor, New York, NY 10016. Or e-mail winespec@mshanken.com.

      I would like to submit my restaurant's wine list for consideration of a Wine Spectator Restaurant Wine List Award. What are the proper procedures?
      • Entries for our Restaurant Awards program are accepted only in the first month of each year. For exact dates, entry guidelines and entry forms, please visit the Enter the Restaurant Awards information section, under "For the Trade" on the navigation bar.

      I would like to work at Wine Spectator. How can I apply for a job?
      • Openings for positions at Wine Spectator are posted on our website under Wine Spectator Jobs, in the Help section. Please consider carefully whether your qualifications match our requirements before sending your resumé to the e-mail address specified in the listing. We also value a passion for wine that is evidenced through solid achievements. If you meet these criteria, we are eager to hear from you.

      I would like to apply for an internship with Wine Spectator. What are the proper procedures?
      • Unfortunately, Wine Spectator does not have an internship program. We cannot consider or respond to requests for positions as interns. We wish you the best of luck in pursuing a career in the wine and/or publishing industry.

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