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Blogs  :  Stirring the Lees with James Molesworth

A Hidden Gem of a Course Leads Me to a Hidden Gem of a Wine

Posted: April 30, 2007  By James Molesworth

Golf this weekend was an adventure—and not the 100-swings-of-the-club, looking-in-the-trees-all-day kind either. It was a fun adventure, with a sense of mystery thrown in. That’s because one of my golfing buddies finally twisted my arm enough to get me to play Grossinger’s up in the Catskills.

Blogs  :  James Suckling Uncorked

Sassicaia Legends

Posted: April 27, 2007  By James Suckling

I am in New York, on the way to the Grand Tour in Atlantic City on Saturday, but I am thinking about an amazing dinner I was lucky enough to attend at a friend’s house in London. Canadian Philip Renaud is a big time wine lover, with an extensive cellar, and he is a great lover of Sassicaia , the blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc from the Tuscan costal area of Bolgheri.

Blogs  :  James Laube's Wine Flights

Where Do You Stand On The Alcohol Debate?

Posted: April 27, 2007  By James Laube

The great alcohol debate of (fill in the year) is once again heating up (pun intended). And that’s a good thing. A well-respected wine retailer in Sacramento says he’ll no longer sell wines with alcohol levels above 14.

Blogs  :  Harvey Steiman At Large

Australia Inches Toward Better Pinot Noir

Posted: April 26, 2007  By Harvey Steiman

Why can't Australia solve the Pinot Noir equation? Oregon has. California has. New Zealand has. But you can count on your fingers the outstanding Pinot Noirs from Oz that we can find in America. I've had several conversations with winemakers, wine writers and folks in the wine business here, and I am convinced that most Aussies haven't a clue what great Pinot Noir is all about.

Blogs  :  James Laube's Wine Flights

An Unlikely New Site for Sonoma Cabernet

Posted: April 26, 2007  By James Laube

For years I’ve been curious about why, to my taste, Sonoma doesn’t make better Cabernets, along the lines of Peter Michael's Les Pavots. And for years, I’ve gotten the same analysis from Cabernet experts: Napa’s terroir works with Cabernet, its vintners and vineyard mangers are more fastidious about farming Cabernet than their Sonoma counterparts, and perhaps more to the point, more experienced.

Blogs  :  Bruce Sanderson Decanted

Champagne: 1995 and 1996 Vintages

Posted: April 25, 2007  By Bruce Sanderson

In my last blog , I wrote about the release of two vintage Champagnes from the 1996 vintage. While most houses have moved on to more recent vintages, there are a few houses whose cuvées demand extra time on the lees.

Blogs  :  James Laube's Wine Flights

The Call of the Coast

Posted: April 25, 2007  By James Laube

True Sonoma Coast grape growing really is at the outer limits. The true coast, within a mile of the Pacific Ocean, is rugged and remote. I refer to this area as the true coast because the legal Sonoma Coast appellation is absurdly overdrawn.

Blogs  :  James Suckling Uncorked

Conseillante's Subtle Seduction

Posted: April 25, 2007  By James Suckling

I am breathing Pomerol at the moment. I went to a dinner and tasting of La Conseillante last night in London put on by wine merchants Farr Vintners, and I was really impressed. I have to say that I have always liked La Conseillante, but it has never really turned me on that much.

Blogs  :  Harvey Steiman At Large

Chapoutier in Australia

Posted: April 25, 2007  By Harvey Steiman

In the northern Rhône, some of the best-known wineries are right in town. In Burgundy and Bordeaux, even in the southern Rhône, most of the wines are made in village or rural settings. But in Tain-l'Hermitage, such famous names as Chave and Chapoutier built their wineries smack in the middle of houses and offices.

Blogs  :  James Suckling Uncorked

Right Bank Supernova

Posted: April 24, 2007  By James Suckling

I was lucky enough to drink -- not taste -- a number of other impressive wines during my 2006 barrel tasting marathon in Bordeaux about a month ago, besides the 1961 L’Église-Clinet that I blogged about yesterday.

Blogs  :  Harvey Steiman At Large

And Now for Something Completely Different

Posted: April 23, 2007  By Harvey Steiman

In Barossa, Robert O'Callaghan has attained icon status. And he's done it by steadfastly holding on to a way of life and a way or making wine that, frankly, is out of step with today's world. "I'm a link to a world we don't know," he says, leaning over a long wooden table that dominates his office at Rockford.

Blogs  :  On Tour with Maynard James Keenan

Growing Pains, Part 1: The Bad News

Posted: April 23, 2007  By Maynard James Keenan

Q: What do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back? A: A stick. And that's exactly what I have planted on the majority of my lower vineyards. Winter kill and late frost have kicked my vines right in the huevos.

Blogs  :  James Laube's Wine Flights

Tough Choices in the Vineyards and Gardens

Posted: April 23, 2007  By James Laube

As I drove through Napa Valley last week, I couldn’t help but marvel at the new leafing vines. The color of the leaves--a brilliant lime-greenish hue--was amazing. I also couldn’t help but notice that every single vineyard seemed to be trained and trellised and positioned in a different manner.

Blogs  :  James Suckling Uncorked

Great Wines With No New Barrels

Posted: April 23, 2007  By James Suckling

I was looking through one of my notebooks this morning for something. It was the same set of notes that I took during my trip to Bordeaux this spring to taste 2006 from barrel.  And I saw written down on one of the pages: "You don’t need new barrels to make great wine.

Blogs  :  Stirring the Lees with James Molesworth

The Last Bottle of a Great Wine

Posted: April 23, 2007  By James Molesworth

It was Saturday, and Nancy and I had spent the day cleaning out the vegetable garden from under a pile of dead leaves. We even took advantage of the early summer-like weather to sow a few rows of beets, beans and lettuce.

Blogs  :  Harvey Steiman At Large

Understanding Australia: Cricket

Posted: April 22, 2007  By Harvey Steiman

On the theory that you can't understand a nation unless you understand the sports it plays, I have been watching the cricket matches on Australian television. They are on late at night because they are playing the World Cup matches in the Caribbean, which is on the other side of the world.

Blogs  :  James Suckling Uncorked

Pinot Grigio? Si, Grazie!

Posted: April 20, 2007  By James Suckling

I had a quick pasta carbonara with my children tonight, Jack and Isabel. They are over in Tuscany for spring break from England. And I popped the cork on a 2005 Schiopetto Collio Pinot Grigio to go with the pasta.

Blogs  :  James Laube's Wine Flights

Bounty Hunter Offers its Line of Wines

Posted: April 20, 2007  By James Laube

When a wine marketer who is also a retailer turns winemaker, you hope he knows enough about what style of wine will sell and at what price points. Mark Pope of the Bounty Hunter, an online fine-wine purveyor and hip wine bar-bistro in downtown Napa, has released a new line of Napa Valley Cabernets and a Cabernet Franc under his label, Waypoint.

Blogs  :  Harvey Steiman At Large

2007 in the Barossa

Posted: April 19, 2007  By Harvey Steiman

The vines don't look so bad, considering that Australia is suffering its worst drought in memory. The grapes have been picked, for the most part. A warm autumn continues with temperatures in the 70s and 80s under clear skies.

Blogs  :  James Laube's Wine Flights

Living the American Dream in Sonoma

Posted: April 19, 2007  By James Laube

Ulises Valdez has an infectious enthusiasm for winegrowing. “My heart is in the vines,” he says with a bright smile as his racy 2006 Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc is poured, showing zesty citrus and lemon-lime flavors.

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