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I work in the retail wine industry, and I usually bring my own wine when I go out for dinner. I was recently given a gift certificate for a nice restaurant. Is it inappropriate for me to bring my own

Posted: March 14, 2005  

Learn Wine  :  Ask Dr. Vinny

If I were to invest around $500 on a few bottles of wine to store for five years, what would be my best choice for the highest monetary return given today's market and demands?

Posted: March 11, 2005  

Learn Wine  :  Ask Dr. Vinny

I want to remove and save wine labels. I've tried soaking in hot water and cold to no avail. Is there a special product or trick to do this?

Posted: March 10, 2005  

Learn Wine  :  Ask Dr. Vinny

What can you tell me about wine preservation systems? I recently saw an individual nitrogen system (small cylinder and a tap) that looks very interesting. Do these systems really work? Does the nitrog

Posted: March 8, 2005  

Learn Wine  :  Ask Dr. Vinny

Many wine critics throw the term "racy" around when describing wine. In many cases it is in different contexts. Is there an authoritative, consistent wine-oriented definition for this word?

Posted: March 3, 2005  

Learn Wine  :  Ask Dr. Vinny

I come across the word "sanguine" quite a bit in your tasting notes (mostly for Syrah-based wines). Webster says it means, "blood-colored". Can you help me understand what this means relative to wine

Posted: February 25, 2005  

Learn Wine  :  Ask Dr. Vinny

How did the Italian grape variety Est!Est!!Est!!! get such an unusual name?

Posted: February 24, 2005  

Learn Wine  :  Ask Dr. Vinny

I've recently purchased some Italian Valpolicella. After letting the wine sit in a carafe for a while, I detected a slight effervescence in the taste. I could not actually see any bubbles forming but

Posted: February 22, 2005  

Learn Wine  :  Ask Dr. Vinny

Is the wine in magnum bottles exactly the same as that in standard bottles?

Posted: February 17, 2005  

Learn Wine  :  Ask Dr. Vinny

I just purchased a new wine cooler. What temperature should I keep the cooler at for my collection of Cabernets?

Posted: February 15, 2005  

Learn Wine  :  Ask Dr. Vinny

In a nice steak house I ordered a bottle of wine that cost $95. It was served in rather small, inexpensive wine glasses. The table next to us was served a bottle in nice Riedel stemware. When leaving,

Posted: February 14, 2005  

Learn Wine  :  Ask Dr. Vinny

Can you please tell me the best way to clean red wines stains from the wide-base decanters? Regular cleaners and soap leave an odor. I've heard all kinds of solutions, such as potatoes, rock salt and

Posted: February 10, 2005  

Learn Wine  :  Ask Dr. Vinny

Does one need a degree to succeed in the wine industry? If so, what type and where are the best places to go?

Posted: February 2, 2005  

Learn Wine  :  Ask Dr. Vinny

My husband is nuts about wine. It was fine when all he wanted was to lay down a case or two for our children's weddings. But now he has remodeled our garage as a wine cellar; he spends his time rearra

Posted: January 19, 2005  

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