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Blogs  :  James Suckling Uncorked

Fill in the Blank?

Posted: April 10, 2007  By James Suckling

Someone with the moniker "Old_Winyards" posted the following on the Wine Spectator Online Forums : *** START BORDEAUX AVERAGE VINTAGE REPORT TEMPLATE *** Average vintage, but weather caused some inconsistency throughout.

Blogs  :  Harvey Steiman At Large

Off to Australia

Posted: April 10, 2007  By Harvey Steiman

It's not even light here in Auckland, New Zealand, as I write this at the airport, changing planes for Sydney. I am on my way to Australia to visit some of the top producers and some of the up-and-comers.

Blogs  :  On Tour with Maynard James Keenan

Budbreak in Arizona

Posted: April 9, 2007  By Maynard James Keenan

The vines are pushing. Hallelujah, the vines are pushing. The Cabs are still a bit sleepy, but everything else is wide awake. I was a bit nervous about a late frost, but Craig assured me that if the mesquites are also pushing buds, the frost danger has passed.

Blogs  :  James Laube's Wine Flights

Babe Watch and Flashy Tails in Baja

Posted: April 9, 2007  By James Laube

The moms are huge, as long as 50 feet and as heavy as 40 tons, and their calves are sizeable, too. At birth, they generally weigh more than a ton and are around 15 feet long. Yet gray whales are amazingly graceful as they glide together through the water, in a seemingly choreographed synchronized swim.

Blogs  :  James Suckling Uncorked

Against the Odds

Posted: April 9, 2007  By James Suckling

I tasted about 50 Right Bank wines from 2004 over Easter weekend. There are always more wines to taste, and I want to bring you the most up-to-date information I can on what’s out there in my designated areas for tasting.

Blogs  :  James Suckling Uncorked

Tuscany via Burgundy, and Not on a Harley

Posted: April 5, 2007  By James Suckling

Just got back from hanging out at Laurent Ponsot 's cellar in Morey Saint Denis. Ponsot is a cool dude. He was getting ready to leave over the weekend for Santa Rosa, California, to begin an across-the-US road trip on a Harley with his wife.

Blogs  :  Jean-Guillaume Prats

The Classifications of Bordeaux

Posted: April 4, 2007  By Jean-Guillaume Prats

It seems that the Bordelais enjoy complicating their lives. On Friday, the latest official classification of St.-Emilion was suspended by a Bordeaux court. As you may know, the St.-Emilion classification is revised every 10 years under the management of the INAO, which is the official governing body for the appellation system in France.

Blogs  :  James Suckling Uncorked

The End of the Party

Posted: April 4, 2007  By James Suckling

I went to a lively birthday party last night at a small restaurant in the village of St. Julien-Beychevelle for LA wine merchant Steve Wallace. They had taken over the restaurant and it was full of wine producers, merchants and friends.

Blogs  :  James Suckling Uncorked

Right Place, Right Time, Right Wine

Posted: April 3, 2007  By James Suckling

Let’s not forget Sauternes. I tasted about two dozen samples of 2006 Sauternes and Barsacs at the offices of the well-respected négociant Joanne. The company had a half-dozen or so individual tasting rooms for customers from around the world which were extremely well-equipped with tasting glasses and samples.

Blogs  :  Harvey Steiman At Large

More Bumps in the Road for Ste. Michelle

Posted: April 2, 2007  By Harvey Steiman

Chateau Ste. Michelle thought it had corrected the winemaking errors that held down its 2001 and 2002 red wines , but it took another step backward with the 2004 high-end reds, being released now. The good news is that a preview tasting of the 2005s indicates that the winery will be back on track by the time those wines reach us next year.

Blogs  :  On Tour with Maynard James Keenan

Bottling Time

Posted: April 2, 2007  By Maynard James Keenan

Good news from over here at the cellar. We bottle on the 4th and 5th. All the glass arrived unharmed. Quite a long trip down from Canada. And luckily the driver was a good sport. We're still doing some work on the driveway here at Page Springs Cellars.

Blogs  :  James Suckling Uncorked

Some Thoughts on 2006 Bordeaux

Posted: April 2, 2007  By James Suckling

Today I was walking along a small road in front of the vineyards of Lafleur in Pomerol, munching on a sandwich for lunch after tasting about 30 wines in various châteaus on the right bank, and I started to think about something Alexandre Thienpont said to me as I was tasting his 2006 Vieux-Château-Certan.

Blogs  :  James Suckling Uncorked

No Words Are Just for This Wine!

Posted: April 1, 2007  By James Suckling

It’s been a long week tasting in Bordeaux. The tannins of the 2006s are very strong. Most are slightly austere due to their being slightly unripe or overextracted. However, the best wines of the vintage have managed to maintain ripeness in their tannins, giving them a silky texture and light sweetness of fruit on the end.

Blogs  :  James Laube's Wine Flights

The Perils of Success

Posted: March 31, 2007  By James Laube

As I prepare for a few days of R&R, I leave you with one thought that’s been on my mind for some time. It's also an issue that's been articulately discussed by Tom Selfridge, one of California's wine veterans.

Blogs  :  James Suckling Uncorked

All That Dedication in 2006

Posted: March 30, 2007  By James Suckling

“The problem is that they believe that their 2006 is a great wine,” said one négociant, with a number of well-known wine estates under his control. The thought is sort of scary. I think a lot of producers have convinced themselves that they have made great wines in 2006.

Blogs  :  Harvey Steiman At Large

How the Internet Has Changed Dining

Posted: March 30, 2007  By Harvey Steiman

The Internet has made it easy to get quick information that used to take days, even weeks, to acquire. With fast, always-on connections now the norm, it's the first source I check when I need to find something fast.

Blogs  :  Larry Stone's Blog

Final Confessions of a Merlot Lover

Posted: March 29, 2007  By Larry Stone

This is my farewell blog. I want to thank Wine Spectator for giving me a few pages to express myself on, but it is time to go. I have not really exhausted my subject, but other obligations call me. I have come to an even greater respect for writers and bloggers everywhere after attempting to keep up with the demands of writing a feature regularly for even a couple of months.

Blogs  :  Jean-Guillaume Prats

Reflections on Vintage 2006

Posted: March 29, 2007  By Jean-Guillaume Prats

I would like to answer Daniel, Tom and others who have questioned me about the challenges encountered by Cos-d’Estournel with the 2006 vintage. The growing season was marked by unusual weather conditions in which the hand of man in the vineyards was more than ever fundamental.

Blogs  :  James Laube's Wine Flights

Don't Always Swing at the First Pitch

Posted: March 29, 2007  By James Laube

A long, long, long time ago, when I had just started writing about wine, I typed (on a typewriter) a piece for a now-defunct magazine about the importance of getting on wineries’ mailing lists. In the article, I wrote that I enjoyed reading the newsletters.

Blogs  :  James Suckling Uncorked

Message in the Bottle, or Barrel

Posted: March 29, 2007  By James Suckling

I keep hearing wine producers in Bordeaux using the word “great” or “classic” for 2006, and I just can’t understand it. Maybe one could say that his or her 2006 was a great wine or that it was classic in style.

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